Call of Duty: Mobile Maps


Call of Duty: Mobile Maps

One of the best ways to entertain yourself in the Call of Duty: Mobile title is to exchange maps, which have completely different characteristics, but with the same game mode, this makes the game much more entertaining. In this article you will know in detail what all the Call of Duty: Mobile Maps are .

What are all the Call of Duty: Mobile Maps?

As the game has been updated, so have the maps of the game, this is so in order to maintain the interest of the players and capture the attention of new players. Currently there are many maps that are available in the game , which are very interesting.

One of these is Crossfire , which is a city at war where the graphics are excellent, if you specialize as a sniper this is undoubtedly the map you will need to polish your skills. Another map is Standoff where the obstacles are evident , even so this map is ideal to play, since these obstacles can serve as a shield.

Crash has been listed as one of the smallest maps found in the game, this makes the battles much more intense. On the other hand, Killhouse, which is one of the most difficult maps in Call of Duty: Mobile , you must also have a high level of experience if you want to survive on this map.

Another of the maps is Firing Range, this being the ideal map to perfect your aim , the great distances make it an excellent map. You can't put aside Nuketown which is one of the most popular with gamers. Finally we have Takeoff which is considered one of the most attractive.

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