Deathloop: 9 tips that we would have liked to have known before starting the game


Deathloop: 9 tips that we would have liked to have known before starting the game

Deathloop is full of secrets, surprises and traps. So that nothing goes wrong with your adventure on Blackreef, we have summarized the most important tips for you to start the game.

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The beginning is very linear, don't get distracted

There is a lot to discover in Deathloop, but you should still get involved in the main quest in the first few hours of the game. This not only tells you the most important key points about the plot. but also equip yourself with one of the most important features: enriching your equipment.

Only when you have learned this skill can you take found weapons and tablets with you into the next loop. Before doing so, it makes little sense to explore the island on your own, as all your successes will be very fleeting.

Secure your equipment!

As soon as you have learned to enrich, the tide clearly turns: From now on you should collect residues at every opportunity , which is distributed as dazzling material in the game world. This is the currency with which you can enrich your equipment between the loops  and thus secure it.

Once enriched, equipment is in your arsenal forever and cannot be lost again. You get a lot of residue by killing the visionaries , who in turn have the best weapons and skills ready for you. The more visionaries you kill in a loop, the better loot you will find until the end of the day with the Eternalists, the regular opponents of Deathloop.

Collect all boards at the start of the game

The big challenge of Deathloop is to turn off all visionaries in a single loop, but you can take on individual visionaries early in the game . You should do that too, because this is the only way to get the best weapons and skills in the game.

A good first port of call is Charlie , who not only owns a powerful combat shotgun, the Strelak 50-50, but also the extremely useful teleport board.

All door codes in the game are random

In Deathloop you will find lots of doors that are locked with a number code. These codes are generated randomly for each player. So don't be surprised if keys that you've seen in a stream or video don't work on your run.

The locations of the correct door codes are the same in every game. In a few days we will have a guide ready for you with the locations of all number combinations.

A little Easter egg: Enter the code 0451 on any door to receive a little surprise.

This is how you protect yourself from Julianna

As you make your way through the campaign, you will be repeatedly attacked by Julianna. That cannot be prevented, but in the worst case it is real people who use Deathloop's multiplayer.

If you're on a tricky mission and would rather mess with the more predictable AI variant of Julianna, you can lock your session for other players . To do this, open the menu and select your username at the top left of the screen. There you can open your session, lock it or only allow people from your friends list.

Stealth pays off

In Deathloop, secret procedures are just as possible as wild shooting. Anyone who chooses the secret route is taking surprisingly few risks. On the one hand , Colt can silently overwhelm opponents with a single attack and, if in doubt, silently end every duel with his machete.

On the other hand, opponents do not immediately sound the alarm when they discover you. So if you are spotted, you still have a few moments to overpower your opponent before they can call for reinforcements. Those who opt for stealth benefit above all from the ether tablet that you can find at Egor . This can temporarily make you invisible.

You can hack out of cover

Blackreef is packed with door locks, surveillance cameras, and self-firing systems. All of these devices can be reprogrammed with your Hackamajig, but it takes a few seconds.

So that you are not spotted by the cameras or riddled with holes by the self-firing systems, we reveal a useful trick: When hacking, eye contact is only necessary to establish contact with the target device . As soon as you have logged in and wait for the hacking process to be completed, you can take cover again instead of standing defenseless in front of a self-firing system.

You can also defuse mines

Within the first few hours of play, one or the other loop will surely end early due to a well-hidden mine. However, once you know where the dangerous devices are, you don't necessarily have to find a way around them.

Instead, you can also defuse the mines, which is the best approach, especially for stealth fans. With mines you have to hurry up a bit because they start to beep and shortly afterwards explode as soon as you approach them. Other explosion traps, however, are triggered with a red laser beam. As long as you don't touch it, you are on the safe side.

Take self-firing systems with you

Self-firing systems can not only be reprogrammed in order to target eternalists and even visionaries from now on, but you can also take the deadly devices with you and set them up independently . Especially at the beginning of the game, when you still have few weapons and upgrades yourself, you can decide even bigger shootings for yourself in this way.

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