Deathloop: All boards and improvements - localities


Deathloop: All boards and improvements - localities

Colt, Juianna and the Visionaries have powerful abilities that are mentioned in Deathloop tablets. The choices are Teleport, Aether, Devastation, Nexus, and Carnesia. We'll tell you all the locations and table improvements.

As is typical for Arkane Studios games, you can also equip powerful, supernatural special abilities in Deathloop to create your very own style of play. You can equip two of these so-called boards at the same time and also upgrade with up to two board improvements .

You get the tablets by killing visionaries. As soon as you have an ability, the next time you kill the same visionary, you will receive a panel upgrade for that ability instead. As soon as you have collected and enriched all the improvements on a board, you will also be rewarded with the no expense spared trophy .

The use of the boards costs strength, which is shown as a blue bar at the top left of the picture. Power recharges by itself after a short time.

Since Julianna is controlled by other players with individual loadouts, you can get all of the panels and improvements from Julianna.

Teleport: location and improvements

Description : Teleport over short distances.

Location : Charlie

Improvements :

  • Range : You can use teleport to reach places further away and higher up.
  • Winged : You can use airborne teleport to briefly stop your fall.
  • Exchange : Teleport can be used to exchange your position with an opponent. Be creative.
  • Dropkick : A kick with activated teleport generates a powerful and dangerous sonic boom.

Ether: Location and improvements

Description : Become almost invisible.

Location : Egor

Improvements :

  • Spirit : Aether does not consume any power when standing still.
  • Flickering : Attacks while the ether is active make you temporarily visible, but do not stop the effect completely.
  • Without a trace: Switching off an enemy while the ether is active does not leave any traces behind.
  • Damping : Damage does not deactivate Aether and you take less damage while Aether is active.

Devastation: Location and Improvements

Description : Get stronger and hit and kick harder,

Location : Fia

Improvements :

  • Finale : When devastation ends, you trigger a powerful and devastating explosion.

Carnesia: Location and Improvements

Description : Throw enemies around and hurt them.

Location : Aleksis

Improvements :

  • Zone : Use Karnesia to push multiple enemies away so you have more space.
  • Meat bomb : Areas affected by Karnesie opponents of causing an explosion on impact.
  • Suspension : By Karnesie thrown opponents float helplessly in the air. Easy loot.
  • Spiking : Re-use of Karnesie in already affected opponent discards them brutally to the ground.

Nexus: Location and Improvements

Description : Link opponents. If you hurt one, you hurt everyone.

Location : Harriet

Improvements :

  • Delay : Nexus consumes power more slowly.
  • Parasite : When a person affected by Nexus takes damage, you get some healing.
  • Influence : Enemies affected by Nexus are spontaneously linked to others nearby.

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