Deathloop Keychain Guide

 The principle of operation, search and description of all character and weapon trinkets in the game

The Keychain in Deathloop is a special item that allows you to upgrade the Colt and his weapons. In this guide, I will list all the known key fobs. Please note that I translated their names from the English-language guide, so they may differ from the localization. On the other hand, I perfectly understood what the description of this or that keychain means, so you will easily understand what it is about and whether you have it in your arsenal. In addition, I will give some guidelines for choosing the best key rings in the game.

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So, trinkets are buffs for the character and the weapon that the Colt uses. Think of them as different inserts or runes in other games. You find them in locations, they can lie in hiding places or fall out of enemies, after which you equip and use bonuses.

Colt can equip up to four different trinkets, which generally affect the character. Buffs can include increased damage when attacking from behind and reduced damage from falling from great heights. As for the key fobs for weapons, things are a little more complicated here. The number of trinkets that you can insert into a weapon directly depends on its rarity. For example, a simple, gray weapon has one slot, a rare one, a blue one has two, and an epic, purple (or unique) one has three. Key fobs also have a certain quality, which is indicated by the corresponding color palette.

Keychains for weapons

Name and description of each key fob (with increasing rarity, the effectiveness of the key fob also increases):

  • Large magazine - increases the capacity of the clip
  • Heavy fire - increases the rate of fire of your weapon
  • From the hip - the accuracy of offhand shots increases (without entering the aiming mode via RMB or L2)
  • Lightning Strike - The distance at which your weapon deals full damage is increased
  • Cool shooter - you aim faster (great for headshots)
  • Great shooter - the accuracy of all your aimed shots is increased
  • Perforator - bullets from this weapon pierce enemies
  • Quick Change - increases the speed of switching to this weapon
  • Shock absorber - recoil becomes (noticeably / significantly) weaker
  • Fast reload - increases reload speed
  • Slowing power - dealing damage to an enemy slows down the start of his health recovery
  • Movable sniper - you move faster in aiming mode
  • Vernyak - increases the aiming range
  • Energy Leech - Enemies take damage and lose energy when you hit them
  • Note. This description is relevant for ordinary trinkets, and in the case of blue and purple, the words "noticeably" and "significantly" (or "serious") are added, respectively. For example, in the case of "the accuracy of all your aimed shots is increasing", you get descriptions of "the accuracy of all your aimed shots is significantly increased" and "the accuracy of all your aimed shots is significantly increased."
  • The choice of the best keychain for a weapon depends on its specific type. For example, for the "Vopat" shotgun and the "Rapier" rifle, I would recommend a keychain for fast reloading, since this weapon takes a long time to reload, and in the case of the Rapier, it is also very often, after each shot. In general, trinkets that increase accuracy and firing range would be a good option. So pay attention to them.

Character Keyrings

Character Keyrings

The character's trinkets strengthen the Colt itself. They all provide a permanent bonus. Since you cannot level up or level up Colt's abilities in Deathloop, this is the best and only way to make your character stronger. Combine key rings to get unexpected combinations and solutions!

  • Springy legs - allows you to make a double jump in the air, which is necessary to explore many locations
  • At the limit - the maximum supply of energy is increased
  • Impact debut - crashing into opponents while accelerating, you deal damage and just knock them out of your pants
  • Slow fuse - enemy explosives are detonated with a huge delay
  • Last Chance - You do a lot more damage when you're low on health
  • Lungs of steel - gas heals you
  • Sprinter - you move at an increased speed
  • Turtle Shell - Reduces Damage Received
  • Let's fight again - you restore more general health
  • Treacherous Strike - You deal more damage by attacking opponents from behind
  • First aid - you restore health faster
  • Die early - maximum health increased
  • Fast shadow - you move faster, crouching in three deaths (squatting)
  • Bountiful Harvest - You harvest more residual from all sources
  • Bloodthirsty Warrior - You restore health during hand-to-hand combat
  • Cat - decreased damage when falling from a height
  • Creeping death - reduces the noise level when moving
  • Deep pockets - allows you to carry more ammo
  • Dual Challenge / Threat - Increased accuracy when firing dual wielding
  • Solid Head - Reduced damage on Colt headshot
  • Boosting Energy - Increased Energy
  • Master Hacker - Increases the speed of hacking devices and antennas
  • Mechanical Affinity - Friendly Turrets become more powerful
  • Party Time - You take less damage when there are many enemies nearby
  • Personal approach - you complete hidden murders faster
  • Pistolero - Increased damage when using dual wielding
  • Plasma power - you draw energy from health
  • Remote overload - cracker can detonate devices
  • Renewable - faster energy recovery
  • Luck - you mine more ammo
  • Silver Spacer - Bullets hitting you increase your ammo
  • Smooth Glide - Increases Sliding Distance
  • Stab N Grab - Melee kills grant ammo
  • Stone wall - you deal more and take less damage
  • Unstoppable Force - crashing into enemies while running, you deal damage to them

With all this, by far the best option would be to constantly use a double jump, which will greatly simplify the movement and exploration of locations. Since the Colt is not that tough fighter, it would be great to have extra health and / or regeneration, or trinkets that increase protection when hitting the head. "Turtle Shell" or "Stone Wall". In addition, if you often use the power of ingots, then you can pay attention to trinkets that regenerate or increase the general supply of energy.

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