Deathloop: Playing time and scope of the time loop shooter


In Deathloop you are caught in an infinite time loop, but luckily you don't need that long to reach the end credits of the game. We'll tell you the extent and the playing time of Deathloop.

As in the Dishonored games, you can also let your creativity run wild in Deathloop in order to fulfill your quest goals. This time eight visionaries have to be killed to break out of the mysterious timeloop. The game is divided into four times of the day , but there is no time pressure. Only when you leave the current area of ​​Blackreef Island again does the clock advance to the next time of day.

That's how long you need for Deathloop

Depending on whether you just want to see the credits or want to unravel every little secret of Deathloop, your playing time can vary greatly.

Game typePlaytime
Just story15 hours
Story + multiplayer25 hours
100%30 hours

In Deathloop there is no selectable level of difficulty, but according to the developers, the game adapts subtly to your style of play, so that you are always challenged at your level and the game is never too easy or too difficult.

That's how much scope there is in Deathloop

Blackreef Island is full of secrets and details for you to discover. The main features of Deathloop are:

  • 8 visionaries
  • 4 different areas
  • 4 times of the day
  • Mutliplayer mode
The multiplayer mode represents a kind of New Game Plus . In it you can penetrate the campaigns of other players and prevent them in the skin of Julianna from killing the visionaries. This mode is particularly useful if you have already mastered the campaign and therefore know the island of Blackreef like the back of your hand.

Can I continue playing after the closing credits of Deathloop?

Yes, even if you have revealed the secret of the time loop and complete the story of Deathloop, you can still visit all areas and times of the day afterwards . Of course, you will keep your hard-earned equipment for this as well.

In Deathloop you can find a lot of documents, tapes and messages that not only advance quests, but also breathe life into the game world. So it is worth reading this in peace to get the most out of Deathloop. Some trophies and achievements are tied to the multiplayer mode, so you will have to play at least a handful of games as Julianna to reach 100 percent.

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