Deathloop Smoking Pact Mystery - How to Open a Safe outside Colt's Downown Apartment

Deathloop Smoking Pact Mystery - How to Open a Safe outside Colt's Downown Apartment

 Where to Find All Codes for a Three-Lock Door in Downtown: Smoking Package Details

Colt's downtown apartment is pretty quick to discover. In the morning, opposite the window through which you enter Colt's apartment, you can find a door to a room with a large door and a combination lock. Here's a clever puzzle! To solve it, you will have to make a lot of effort. I also remind you that Deathloop uses a random approach when forming code combinations. You will have to find them yourself, while for each player the location of the password hints will be identical. We will talk about this!

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To complete this quest, you will have to visit Downtown in the morning and at noon, and also travel twice in the afternoon to Charles Bay.

How to Disrupt Deathloop Smokers' Contest

Chances are, since you are reading this guide, you have already found this very room in Downtown and are looking for a clue. As a last resort, I repeat: get out of Colt's apartment through the window with which you entered it earlier, and then look diagonally to the left and forward. There will be a staircase leading to the last floor of the building to the door to the apartment. Behind it is another door with three combination locks! There is also an open window on the right. Search the room to collect some notes from which you can understand what is happening here. One of the residents orchestrated a death trap for others to keep the room. Look at the pipes leading away from the smoking machine to find a device with a button and lights.

By pressing the button, you will choose which of the smoking pipes you can safely breathe through (indicated by a green light). Therefore, you will determine which of the residents will survive as a result of the competition. By sabotaging the operation of this device, you will affect which of the three door codes you can receive. In the end, when you get all three codes, you can open that very room. By default, the middle tube is highlighted, but you can also switch to the red top tube or the blue bottom tube.

How to get codes from a smoking act

To begin with, do not touch the smoking machine and leave it in the state in which you found when you entered the room. Then return to Downtown in the afternoon. Go to this very room where the competition of smokers takes place, and find a new audio recording and notes of the character who faked the death of the rest - Cassandra. This will give you the first piece of the puzzle.

In the morning, return to this room in Downtown and this time press the button so that the light next to the red tube lights up. Then leave the location and visit Charles Bay in the afternoon. Turn left as you exit the tunnel, follow the road past the Forever Young sign and the Gardens of Perception facade. On the other side, go down the stairs in front and look through the open door on the right. Inside this building, there is a note containing the second code for the door of the smoking pact. Now this resident has survived the competition.

Leave the location and return to Downtown in the morning. This time press the button so that the light comes on next to the blue pipe. Then leave the location, in the afternoon go to Charles Bay, but this time, passing the Garden's of Perception signboard, turn the corner to the right. Go through the roof in front, turn around and see a building called Best of Blackreef. Inside it, under the light of the TV, lies the last note with the last code from the smoking pact.

After that, you can return to Downtown in the morning, afternoon or evening (competition takes place at noon) to collect your reward. If you don't care about Deathloop's lore, then the rewards are, shall we say, somewhat disappointing. As with the Yerva machine and 10 questions, you just get a little extra information on the history of the game world.

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