Diablo 2: Resurrected - An overview of all recipes from the Horadrim cube


Diablo 2: Resurrected - An overview of all recipes from the Horadrim cube

The Horadrim Cube plays a big role in Diablo 2 Resurrected . You can use it to make all kinds of useful items. In this guide we give you an overview of the recipes.

What exactly is the Horadrim Cube and what do you need it for? As soon as you have this item in your possession, it remains permanently in your inventory and accompanies you on your travels. You can use it to store additional items in your inventory and create items.

Where can you find him? You get the Horadrim Cube after completing Act 2. Once you have it, there are also a few more quests that you can complete.

In this overview we will tell you which items you can make and what you need for them.

All recipes for the horadrim cube

Which objects can be made? The most diverse categories of items can be created with the cube. Whether potions, gems, runes or magical items - with the right ingredients you can make all kinds of useful things.

Categories for recipes and ilvl explained

Here is an overview of the categories:

  • Potion upgrades
  • Gem Upgrades
  • Runic upgrades
  • ammunition
  • Magical items
  • Pedestal recipes (weapons, armor, rune preparation)
  • Socketed Magical Weapons Recipes
  • Item upgrades
  • Recycle recipes
  • repair
  • Stats and talents
  • Quest items
  • Levels and events

Many of the items you make have something called an ilvl.

What is that ilvl? Every item in Diablo 2 has a so-called internal item level (ilvl). This determines which magical properties an object can have. It has nothing to do with the requirement level of an object. But now to the recipes.

Potion upgrades

Items requiredResult
3x healing potion + 3x mana potion + 1x damaged gem1x regeneration potion
3x regeneration potion1x strong regeneration potion
3x healing potion + 3x mana potion + 1x gemstone (normal quality)1x strong regeneration potion

Gem Upgrades

Items requiredResult
3x gemstone of the same type and quality1x higher quality gemstone

Runic upgrades

The names of the runes also show you the quality of the rune in question. Eld is the lowest quality rune, while Thul represents the highest quality level.

Recipes for runes of the same type:

Items requiredResult
3x El rune1x Eld rune
3x Eld rune1x Tir rune
3x Tir rune1x Nef rune
3x Nef rune1x Eth rune
3x Eth rune1x Ith rune
3x Ith rune1x valley rune
3x valley rune1x Ral rune
3x Ral rune1x place rune
3x place rune1x Thul rune
Combinations with other items:

Items requiredResult
3x Thul rune + 1x damaged topazAmn rune
3x Amn rune + 1x damaged amethystSol rune
3x Sol rune + 1x damaged sapphireShael rune
3x Shael rune + 1x damaged rubyDol rune
Runic upgrades that don't work for realm characters (single player, open, or ladder characters only):

Items requiredResult
3x Dol Rune + 1 Damaged EmeraldHel rune
3x Hel rune + 1 damaged diamond Io rune
3x Io rune + 1 faulty topazLum rune
3x Lum Rune + 1 faulty amethyst Ko rune
3x Ko rune + 1 faulty sapphireFal rune
3x Fal Rune + 1 faulty rubyLem rune
3x Lem rune + 1 faulty emeraldPul rune
2x Pul Rune + 1 faulty diamondAbout rune
2x Um rune + 1 topazTimes rune
2x rune + 1 amethystIs rune
2x is rune + 1 sapphireGul rune
2x Gul rune + 1 rubyVex rune
2x Vex rune + 1 emeraldOhm rune
2x Ohm rune + 1 diamondLo rune
2x Lo Rune + 1 Flawless TopazSur rune
2x Sur Rune + 1 Flawless AmethystAbout rune
2x Ber Rune + 1 Flawless SapphireJah rune
2x Jah rune + 1 flawless rubyCham rune
2x Cham rune + 1 flawless emeraldZod rune

Ammunition and antidote elixir

Items requiredResult
2 quivers with bolts1x quiver with arrows
2 quivers with arrows1x quiver with bolt
1 spear + 1 quiver with arrows1x stack of throwing skewers
1 ax + 1 dagger1x stack of throwing axes
1 choking gas elixir + 1 healing potion1x antidote elixir

Magical items

Items requiredResult
4x healing potion + 1x ruby ​​+ magic swordMagical sword of the leech
6x Perfect Gem (1 of each type) + 1x Amulet (Magical)Prismatic amulet with 16-20% for all resistances (New ilvl: 30)
1x magic ring + 1x perfect emerald + 1x antidote elixirJade ring with 21-30% poison resistance (new ilvl: 30)
1x magic ring + 1x perfect ruby ​​+ 1x explosive elixirGarnet red ring with 21-30% fire resistance (new ilvl: 30)
1x magic rings + 1x perfect topaz + 1x regeneration potionCoral red ring with 21-30% lightning resistance (new ilvl: 30)
1x magic ring + 1x perfect sapphire + 1x thawing elixirCobalt ring with 21-30% cold resistance (new ilvl: 30)
1x magic shield + 1x club of thorns + 2x skullMagical shield of spines
1x diamond + 1x staff + 1x kris + 1x beltWild polearm

Pedestal recipes (weapons, armor, rune preparation)

Items requiredResult
3x damaged gem + 1x magic weaponSocketed magical weapon
3x standard gem and 1x socketed weaponSocketed Magical Weapon (Same Type)
3x Immaculate Gem + 1x Magical WeaponSocketed magical weapon
1x Eld Rune + 1x Damaged Gem + low quality weaponNormal quality weapon (same type)
1x El Rune + 1x Damaged Gem + low quality armorNormal Quality Armor (Same Type)
1x valley rune + 1x thul rune + 1x perfect topaz + normal body armorNormal Quality Armor (Same Type)
1x Ral rune + 1x Amn rune + 1x perfect amethyst + normal weaponSocketed Weapon (Same Type)
1x Ral rune + 1x Thul rune + 1x perfect sapphire + normal helmetSocketed helmet (same type)
1x valley rune + 1x Amn rune + 1x perfect ruby ​​+ normal shieldSocketed Shield (Same Type)
1x Hel rune + scroll of the city portal + a socketed itemRemoves all items from sockets

Item upgrades

Items requiredResult
3x Perfect Skull + 1x Rare Item + Stone from Jordan+1 socket for rare items
1x Ral Rune + 1x Sol Rune + 1x Perfect Emerald + Normal Unique WeaponExtraordinary version of the weapon
1x valley rune + 1x Shael rune + 1x perfect diamond + normal unique armorExtraordinary version of the armor
1x Lum Rune + 1x Pul Rune + 1x Perfect Emerald + Extraordinary Unique WeaponElite version of the weapon (*)
1x Ko rune + 1x Lem rune + 1x perfect diamond + extraordinary unique armorElite version of armor (*)
1x Place Rune + 1x Amn Rune + 1x Perfect Sapphire + Normal Rare WeaponExceptional rare weapon
1x Ral rune + 1x Thul rune + 1x Perfect Amethyst + Normal rare armorExceptional rare armor
1x Fal Rune + 1x Um Rune + 1x Perfect Sapphire + Exceptional Rare WeaponRare elite weapon
1x Ko Rune + 1x Pul Rune + 1x Perfect Amethyst + Exceptional Rare ArmorRare elite armor

Recycle recipes

Items requiredResult
3x perfect gemstones of each type + 1 magical item1x new random magical item (same type)
6x perfect skull + 1x rare item1x random rare item of low quality (same type)
1 Perfect Skull + 1 Rare Item + Stone from Jordan1x high quality new rare item (same type)
3x magic ring1x random magic amulet with random properties
3x magic amulet1x random magic ring with random properties


Items requiredResult
1x place rune + 1x damaged gem + weaponRepairing and recharging a weapon
1x Ral rune + 1x faulty gem + armorArmor repair and recharge
1x Ral rune + armorFully repairs armor
1x place rune + weaponFully repairs weapon

Stats and talents

Items requiredResult
1x Corrupted Essence of Suffering, 1x Charged Essence of Hate, 1x Burning Essence of Terror, 1x festering Essence of DestructionMark of Absolution: Resets stats and talents completely
Where do you find the essences? The 4 essences are dropped by different bosses:

  • Burning Essence of Terror: Diablo
  • Charged Essence of Hate: Mephisto (Difficulty: Hell)
  • Corrupted Essence of Suffering: Andariel and Duriel (Difficulty: Hell)
  • Festive Essence of Destruction: Baal (Difficulty: Hell)

Quest items

Items requiredResult
(Quest) Staff of Kings + Viper AmuletHoradrim staff
(Quest) Khalim's eye + heart + brain + flailKhalim's will
What are the quest items needed for? They are important for Acts 2 and 3:

  • You need the Horadrim staff to open Tal Rasha's tomb in the second act of the story.
  • Khalim's will is again required to enter the final area of ​​the third act.

Levels and events

Items requiredResult
(Cow level) Wirret's leg + 1 tome of the city portalPortal to the secret cow level
What's up with the cow level? That was built into Diablo 2 as a joke by the developers. You can only open the portal if you are in town in Act 1. You must have already killed Diablo beforehand.

If you have killed the Cow King, you cannot reopen the portal with the character.

Items requiredResult
Key of Hatred + Key of Terror + Key of DestructionRed portal to the halls of Lilith, the Ember of Pein or the Forgotten Sands
Mephistus brain + Diablo's horn + Baal's eyeRed portal to Über-Tristram
What's up with the red portals? These were part of the Pandaemonium event and are not available in single player. So you should make sure that you are not in the single player when you want to open it.

What's New in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Although it is a remake of the 20-year-old classic, there are still a few new features and adjustments. There are changes in the gameplay, revised graphic effects and also the loot has been screwed.

The accessibility for newbies has also been improved, as after such a long time some probably haven't played the original yet.

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