Diablo 2: Skills Reset (Resurrected)


Diablo 2: Skills Reset (Resurrected)

You cannot reset and redistribute skills and attributes at will in Diablo 2: Resurrected. We'll tell you how to get the rare respecs.

ESO how to reset skill points [RESP...
ESO how to reset skill points [RESPEC SKILLS & MORPHS]

In Diablo 2: Resurrected you have to plan your character development well, because once unlocked and improved skills cannot be reset. The same applies to the points for strength, dexterity, vitality and energy, which you can distribute with every level up.

Instead, a complete Respec is necessary to reset values ​​and skills. There are two ways to do this.

Reset Akara values ​​and skills

The very first quest of the game entrusts you to visit the cave of evil and defeat all opponents in it. As soon as you have done that, you will return to Akara in the hunters' camp. As a reward, you will be given the opportunity to reset your values ​​and skills once.

You can repeat the quest on the difficulty levels Nightmare and Hell, so that you will receive three free respecs from Akara over the course of your adventure . However, save this option well and think carefully about whether and when you want to redistribute your values ​​and skills. The only other option to redesign your character is only given in the endgame, which you can hardly achieve without an optimized build.

Resetting values ​​and abilities with a sign of absolution

On the highest level of difficulty, Hell, there is another way to redistribute your skills. There the bosses of the five acts each have a chance to drop a rare essence.

  • Andariel (Act 1) & Duriel (Act 2) : Corrupted Essence of Suffering
  • Mephisto (Act 3) : Charged essence of hate
  • Diablo (Act 4) : Burning Essence of Terror
  • Baal (Act 5) : festering essence of destruction

The chance of the essences dropping is around 25 percent . As soon as you have collected all four essences, you can transform them into a sign of absolution in the Horadrim cube. Use this item to reset your stats and skills.

When is a Respec worthwhile in Diablo 2: Resurrected?

On your way to the highest level of difficulty, you will usually have to kill at least once per character. Not because you made a mistake, but because builds that are most effective in the first few hours of the game lose their effect later in the game. Conversely, the best endgame builds require high-level characters and are therefore not available at the start of the game.

So the normal level of difficulty will not be a problem for you, but from nightmare you can meet dead ends like immune opponents. Therefore, for most characters from level 35-40, a respec for the nightmare difficulty level is recommended . Between level 60-80 you can then reset your values ​​and skills a second time in order to put together your endgame build for the highest level of difficulty.

We'll add the best builds for the higher levels of difficulty within the next few days, so we'll be happy to stop by again.

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