Eastward - How to get and use bombs

Eastward - How to get and use bombs

 Eastward is a very cool retro style 2D RPG that's out now. Bombs are one of the tools at your disposal in the game. In this guide to the east, we'll show you how to mine and use bombs.

Getting bombs and using them in the east

Bombs are used to fight enemies and solve puzzles. to the East. You access them pretty early in the game. When you start the game, you will need to explore the excavation site and get rid of the mucus.

Inside, you must free employee John who was locked in the room by connecting the wires from the generator. Make sure wires connect both the generator and the panel that keeps the door locked. This will allow you not only to free the employee, but also to gain access to the bombs.

As John, you can press Triangle or Y to place bombs on the ground. Then you need to wait for the bomb to explode. You will need to back away after you have placed the bomb to avoid damage. You can also bring it up again by pressing X or A.

You can refill the bombs by finding them in the dungeons. Smash the found barrels for a chance to find additional bombs. Some of the enemies you kill will also drop bombs.

This is how you can get and use bombs in the East. Helpful hints and tips can be found in our beginner's guide to the East.

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