Encased - Character Creation Guide

Encased - Character Creation Guide

In Encased you will explore the world with your own character. The game mechanics are a bit like adventures like Fallout and The Outer Worlds. After choosing the difficulty, you will be taken to the character creation section and let's talk about what you should pay attention to and what attributes are responsible for what.

Encased - Character Creation Guide

You can choose from 17 ready-made characters or create your own. You can also make changes to the finished characters if you want to tweak them a bit.

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The following characters are provided for your choice:

  • Sigrun Eide
  • Alan Woodpecker
  • Amelie Polnareff
  • Hermann Stolz
  • Rufus Cooper
  • Eden Goodwin
  • Cedric Maxwell
  • Olivia Diaz
  • Bonnie Harker
  • Li Xiao Long
  • Boris Britvin
  • Margaret Fontaine
  • Nadezhda Kulagina
  • Isaac Crowley
  • Abel Gyula
  • Frank Foley
  • Martin Smith
If you decide to create your own character, you can change his portrait and appearance, as well as his starting wing (faction). These wings affect the character's past, initial attribute values, starting equipment, and dialogue choices.

Encased has 5 factions to choose from:

  1. White Wing: Mind + 1, High-tech weapon + 1, Medicine + 15, Science +15, Biochemical resistance + 25
  2. Blue wing: Body + 1, trainability (experience) + 10, melee weapons + 10, devices + 15, technologies + 15
  3. Silver Wing: Charisma + 1, Skill Points per Level +2, Psionics + 20, Influence +20
  4. Black Wing: Strength + 1, Fortitude + 20, Heavy Weapon + 15, Melee + 15, Melee + 15, Piloting + 20
  5. Orange Wing: Agility + 1, Carry Cargo + 30, Crime + 20, Survival + 20
Then you can set the basic attributes of the character. You need to distribute 37 points, but they are automatically distributed according to the Wing character pattern.

You can customize them as you like.

Attribute distribution

Here's a rundown of what each attribute affects, with more details in the Statistics section:

Attribute name

What affects


Health amount, carry load, melee damage, heavy weapons, melee, melee weapons, and tech skills.


Initiative, Learning Ability, Accuracy, Evasion, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, High-Tech Weapons, and Piloting Skills. Can also detect hidden objects and assess the characteristics of people by looking at them.


Health points, regeneration, carry load, protection class, toughness, melee weapons and survival skills.


Inspiration skills, authority, influence and medicine.


The number of action points, saved action points, skill points per level, high-tech weapons, medicine, technical and scientific skills.


Movement speed, action points, initiative, evasion, light weapons, melee, crime and device possession.


Action points, critical strike chance, and device piloting skills.


Resistance to psi radiation and psi abilities. Determination, initiative, learning, psi damage, psionic and science skills.

  • Note: Please note that you can downgrade Mind to 1 and get some new dialogue options, as your character will be unable to basic communication.


Then you can choose the abilities of the character, focus your attention on 3 specialties that will best suit your play style. Please note that there are two sections: combat and applied.
Be sure to check out both tabs, as Applied Skills has useful categories such as Piloting, Technique, and Survival.

  • Note: The game will give you the opportunity to specify 3 selected skills on which you can build the emphasis of your build, make the right choice.
To see what each ability does, take a look at the Abilities section. Also remember that the abilities you unlock depend on the distribution of your attributes.


Then you will choose 1 character trait. They have one advantage, but they also have one disadvantage.

Trait name

Positive effect

Negative effect


+ 50% experience with less than 35% health

-25% experience with health over 35%


Critical Strike Chance + 20%

Deals 20% less Damage


All types of damage resistance + 20%

Deals 40% less Damage from all types


Determination +30

Fortitude -10, Regeneration -10


-400 fatigue when killing an enemy

Stun in the next round

Collective farmer

Body +4

Need an extra level to get perks


Melee Damage +13

Can't wear jackets or trousers


Trainability + 75% and Evasion + 2% for each point of Charisma

Team size -3

Weapon fanatic

Light, heavy and high-tech weapons +40

Initiative -5


Charisma +2

Accuracy -5, Load -25


Mind +4

Learnability -50%


2 extra perk points at the start of the game

Lose 3 skill points as you level up


All skills +10

Take 0.5 More Critical Damage


Accuracy + 10, Initiative + 10

Can't save AP for next turn

Don Quixote

Starting AP and AP +1 in the servo hull

Starting OD and OD +1 without servo case


Maximum AP + 3, Action Points +3

Starting AP - 12

The Dark Lord

Increases damage for each companion by 20%

Companion learning (experience) -20%

  • Note: If your character has low intelligence (Reason), then you will receive the trait "Like a bag of bricks" along with an additional trait.
You then go to the last confirmation screen to double check all your allocations. Once you're ready, head over to the Dome!

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