Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG Walkthrough - Game Guide

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG Walkthrough - Game Guide


Detailed walkthrough of the Encased storyline

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It all starts with a transport capsule that directs you to the Dome. You can chat with different characters inside it, click through different dialogue threads and understand the mechanics of communication in Encased . You can also right-click and choose to interact with people, although the list of actions will be almost empty. LMB on the porthole door and select any option to land at your destination.

Open the door and leave the capsule. Cross the bridge to meet Ludovico, who will draw attention to the power of nature. When the conversation is over, go down and click on the gate (they are difficult to see, since they are closed - focus on the white outline, you can rotate the camera on Q and E).

As you progress through the terminal, they will tell you about the quests in the game, tell you how to check them (the L key, not J, as in many other games). Walk through the waiting area to the check-in counter, chat with Dean Reikhet. When he registers you (the choice does not matter), you will learn how to get the equipment. You must visit several characters:

  • Sydney Maynard will give out combat gear
  • Margarita Tkachenko is in charge of weapons and training
  • Andrey Mihai - psi abilities (even if you don't plan to specialize in them)
  • Winston Boterby - Combat and Tactical Training
  • Van Uhlden - Researching relics, preventing anomalies and cataloging scientific knowledge

Then move to the waiting room and take the bus to the Commonwealth. After that, Dean will send a few messages that introduce you to the mechanics of mail. You will find out where all such letters are stored (in the "Data" section). Head south, look for Sydney Maynard behind the Equipment counter. Talk to him to get a uniform (jacket, armor and shoes - what exactly you get depends on the chosen Wing). Please note that you will be left without a headgear and gloves. If you need them, buy the items separately (from the same Sydney). In any case, you can explore Sydney's range of products to familiarize yourself with the in-game trading system. Hover your mouse over the items to see their description and price. If you want to buy something, drag the items on the right, and then select the money in your inventory on the left.

After talking with Syd, you can equip the suit by pressing the I key or by clicking on the inventory icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Move the clothes to the appropriate slots. Walk to the lobby door and examine Margarita Tkachenko's counter. He will give you the first melee weapon, although you can ask her for another weapon. For example, ranged weapons. Equip weapons by analogy with clothes, talk to Margarita again and examine her inventory. The weapon is too expensive, so don't even aim at it now.

Go through the door with the number "3" on the ground to meet Andrey Mihai. He will talk about psi abilities. If your psi characteristics are too low, then Andrey may even reject communication. Behind his office are Maxim Penkovsky and a flimsy door. You cannot go through it, but Maxim will teach you how to pick locks. You will receive an electronic and simple lock pick. Both increase your lockpicking abilities, allowing you to open locks that you would normally never give in to.

To use the lockpick on the door, hang it on the hero's belt in the inventory. Click on the lock pick you want to use and then select the door. Any lockpick disappears after use, although a simple one gives a higher increase. Once the door opens, walk past the plants to the table next to the shooting range. If you wish, you can get leaflets from Letizia Rivares. Chat with Winston Boterby, then go to the training terminal and select the Alpha program.

You will be introduced to the turn-based combat system, and will be offered to fight with three combat dummies. It is impossible to lose, since the holograms do not deal damage. You will not receive damage from triggered traps. Just get used to the combat system, learn how to interact with the environment and fight enemies. After the battle, talk to Winston again. If you have not yet learned how to hide weapons, they will tell you how to do it. This is important because trying to communicate with a weapon in hand can lead to a fight.

Return to the door that was broken open earlier. Opposite Letizia is Van Ulden. Listen and ask any questions. Van will hand over Arad-3. Follow through the door and wait for the disinfection to complete. As soon as it is completed, go ahead and start scanning the relics (click on the relic of the RMB and select the "Scan" option). If an anomaly is approaching you, use the Throw Bolt option to dispel it. Don't forget to scan all the relics. If you touch any relic without scanning, you will receive a dose of radiation. Once you complete the scan of the three relics, leave the area and talk to Van Ulden. All workouts are complete!

Go through the door near the table to the waiting room to meet Adolf Schmitz. He will report on some important task. The door next to Adolf will open and you will need to use the terminal behind it. talk to Kingsley, who will tell you about the next mission. You must leave the Commonwealth. The answers don't matter. You need to investigate facility C-12 Nashville and find out what happened to the team that was sent there earlier. this is how the next storyline quest "A Series of Strange Events" begins.

A series of strange events

After speaking with Kingsley on the intercom, proceed to the transport that will take you to the C-12 Nashville facility. If you forget any details, talk to Adolf again. He will remind you that you need to find the orange tractor driven by Clara Morgan. It is called MM Trucks Tractor Truck. Clara is by default inside the car. You can let her take you to the facility or drive there on her own, if your driving skill in difficult conditions allows. You can also drive any other car. Be that as it may, head to Nashville by unlocking the "It's Just Beginning" achievement.

Roadside cafe

Whatever you choose, the car will break down. Clara will tell you about a gas station nearby, where you can find help. Move forward and look for a building with a disabled turret. This is a gas station from a cafe. It should be visited first. If you see Travis sitting on the bench, then they walked by. In this case, go back. Go through the double door and talk to Aaron Melville. Tell them you need to fix the car. He will give the key to the gas station door and tell you that you need to go down to the basement. The gas station is the building next door, opposite which Travis is sitting. Talk to him to find out that someone is in the basement.

Open the door with the key and go inside the gas station. Go down to the basement to find a puddle of poison. If you stand in it, you will receive damage and poisoning (you will lose health over time, even after you leave the puddle). The first enemy will also appear. There is a pile of papers not far from the entrance, studying which will provide an exploratory experience. You can fight the enemy or use stealth to sneak past. Poisonous puddles restore the enemy's health, so try to lure him out of them. In addition, the enemy can poison you. Sometimes in the medicine cabinet near the stairs you can find an antidote for the poison.

You need to get to the container near the glowing tree. You can also examine the tree itself to find a relic - a brass apple. When you leave the basement and exit the building, you will see a group of bandits trying to rob Aaron's cafe. You have several options:

  1. Fight the bandits. There will be four of them, although Aaron and three other visitors to the cafe will help you.
  2. Join the bandits in the robbery of Aaron - the bandits will fight on your side against Aaron and three visitors.
  3. Give the bandits a can of gasoline - if you examine the cans at a gas station or inside a nearby barn, you can find one or two full cans. You can hand them over to the bandits, and they will leave without a fight.
  4. Give money. You need to donate 50 combos. If you pass the barter check, the amount will be halved to 25 comboboxes.
  5. Ask for 20 minutes to close the deal. Your character will ask for time to chat with Aaron about money. You won't actually ask Aaron for the robber's money. Instead, ask what you can do. He will tell you where you can find cans of gasoline (option 3), or give the keys to the basement so that you can repair the turret. Go through the door, go down to the basement and activate the generator (technology level 20 required). The turret will become your ally in battle.
  6. Avoid conflict. You can ask for 20 minutes to close the deal, and then just get in your car and drive away. If you don't want to talk to the bandits, you can use the side stairs of Aaron's cafe and go up to the roof. And then go down from the roof on another ladder and go to the car.

If you can convince or defeat the bandits, Aaron will become more friendly. He will offer to go on a picnic, and the side quest "Picnic" will begin. Go to the vehicle, set up protection against anomalies, and then you can continue your journey.

Plant C12-Nashville Parking

When you arrive at the property, there will be several options for entering. The choice will not change anything, just how close you will be to certain turrets. If Clara is driving the car, do not select any of the proof of death options, or she will be injured. If you control, then the main character will be injured. If you choose acceleration, the first option, and then stop in the second, you will start on the road. If you press acceleration and continue driving at full throttle and go left, you will find yourself in a parking lot. If you select acceleration, continue driving and stop, you will be taken to a truck stop.

Talk to Klara and ask her to wait for you in the car while you deal with the turrets. Turrets instantly react to you and immediately open fire if you get too close. By switching to stealth mode, you can see the range of destruction of the turrets. Search corpses. On the dead man, Black Wing has a locker key. You can look into the nearest gatehouse and collect other things. If you belong to the Blue Wing or have 40 vehicle points, you can open the side door and inspect the generator. Interact with him to power off the turrets. When you're ready to proceed, head to the main elevator door behind the two turrets. The script will run here.

Plant C12-Nashville, entrance

Whichever way you enter the building, you will open the door (with a master key or by force). If you go to the rusty air duct behind the check-in counter, you will gain research experience. Search the rest room to find a briefcase near the TV, which contains the key to the security room. The intercom will react to your approach, but you cannot make out a word. You can open the door near the intercom, if skills allow, go to the vending machine and open the ventilation hatch. It leads to the other side of the security room door. Or you can use the key to the security room that you found earlier.

Once you go through this door, you can pick up a Servo Armor Kit. It increases strength, health, protection, gives resistance, reducing crit chance and movement speed. With this armor, you also won't be able to wade through tight spaces like vents. Go to the nearest corpse of the guard of the Black Wing, take from him the key card from Nashville. There is an elevator next to the armor. Use it to get to the residential level.

Plant C12-Nashville Residential Area

Arriving in a residential area, you will immediately meet Tom Ginsburg. He will not offer help and will leave, although you can rush after and attack the man. There are active turrets on each side that will attack you if you get too close. Can fight with them or sneak in. Near the janitor's cart there is an infirmary with a MedCom-72 terminal, which fully restores health points.

Most of the tenants will not react to you in any way. You can break into or break down the doors of their living quarters. There is Jan Kovic at door 3. When communicating with him, you will receive a master key that opens the rest of the doors. When you are done with the treatment and the search of the living rooms, take the elevator down to the computer room.


When you enter here, a guard will notice you. Viktor Rozalevsky will be hostile. Enter stealth mode to dodge it, or fight in combat. Take your time to enter the dining room, as there are four opponents there. And there is no reason to fight them. In the rooms next to the Access Restricted sign, Louise Decker-Schultz is your contact person. Chat with her to find out if the operation failed. One of the colleagues is locked in the next room. Examine the door to chat with Ronald Steele. You can leave him locked up by talking to Louise, or open the door and let him out. If you let go, you will know what you need to do the following:

  1. Find a computer, disable the final protocol and restore the connection.
  2. Get the master key on the residential level and activate the elevator at the end of the hallway.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do all this without a fight, especially if you are equipped with a servo defense, since you will not be able to use stealth. You can use stealth to get closer to opponents, but they often clump together and there is a high probability that they will definitely notice the hero. go to the door near the fallen Rec Room sign. Proceed with caution as 4 enemies will spot you. When you defeat or pass them, go to the computing room with a large control terminal. Disable the protocol and reconnect with the Concorde.

After reconnecting, head to the adjacent room with a giant 3x3 grid of screens. Defeat the enemies inside her and chat with Kingsley. You can tell Kingsley about the team's status (if you hear news from Louise), but that won't affect anything. Return to where Louise and Ronald were, then walk down the hallway and see another elevator. Ride it to the excavation area.

Nashville Cave

There are no enemies in this area, but there is a puzzle to be solved. I highly recommend having a full pool of health or ways to heal. If one of the conditions is met, feel free to continue. You need to inspect the Nashville relic, which is just north of where you start. However, approaching the relic directly imposes the status of Consuming Darkness, and you will die before you can even get close. To counteract this, you need to activate the lighting.

You must turn on three generators. The first is located next to the Caution Zone, near the steps leading to the relic itself. Turn it on once and keep it that way. The lighting control panel is next to it, but you don't need to touch it yet. Look for the second generator next to the elevator, on which you went down here, in one of the three rooms with armored doors. The third generator is next to an unknown glowing relic. To get closer, you need to climb the path. When you activate all three generators, run three power circuits around the unknown relic. They are on the path, not far from each other. Return to the light control panel at the first generator and turn it on. Emergency power will be required. We are talking about a mobile generator, in search of which you need to go to that part of the location, on which the status of absorbing darkness can be superimposed on you. Fortunately, the facility is located nearby: in the same area as Alan Hatch and Givi Maisuradze.

When you activate the mobile generator, quickly run back and use the same panel. A light path will be created along which you can get closer to the relic. Walk along it and study the Nashville relic. Eventually, the quest will be completed, and you can move on to the plot of the first act.

Whirlpool signals

When you regain control, talk to the three people around you. They will be Aaron Melville, Clara Morgan and Ronald Steele. You have met all of them before. Your answers will not matter much, and the characters will disappear immediately after the conversation. Move around the whirlpool. You can move in a circle other than the center. Two more characters will appear - Van Ulden and Kingsley. Keep driving until you see more people. Unlike previous encounters, these will be completely new characters. Move again until the cut-scene starts.

Nashville Cave

You will return to the cave to the same place where you were when you walked to the relic. A landslide has occurred and the staircase is now inaccessible. Move through the passage in the rock, which is located near the starting position, next to the generator and the crane.

Observation deck

Through the rocks you will go outside the base. Keep walking until you find the Jupiter lunar car with a radio broadcast. Listen to the broadcast to start the Maelstrom Signals main story quest. Move to the green transit area, and then take the path to the slum of the landfill.

Slums Landfills

Roy Oldie will greet you upon arrival, but there is no need to talk to him. You can talk to find out when you need to change your clothes. Katarzhina Belitskaya ask for help with a trip to the Commonwealth. This will start the side quest "Help!" It is not necessary to immediately agree or refuse. Your task is to get to the emulator building, but with the current location of the camera it will be difficult to find it. Walk forward until you hear the Reverend Santiago speak. Rotate the camera until you see the desired door. Play through to advance the story. But before that, you can do some things.

To be continued...

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