Encased Tribute Quest: How To Find All 18 Tokens

Encased Tribute Quest: How To Find All 18 Tokens

 Location of all army tokens for the Tribute to Remembrance side quest

While exploring the Encased world , you may stumble upon skeletons with army tokens. This will begin the "Tribute to the Memory" quest. Alternatively, you can start the mission in Act 2 by talking to Atom Peyton inside the city. Atom will say that he is looking for tokens of his former, long-dead comrades. There are 18 tokens in total, and he wants you to find each of them. It is very difficult to find them, since many are hidden in little-known locations and will require a thorough study of the game world. Sometimes skeletons simply blend in with the landscape, making them hard to see. Here's where to find all 18 tokens. I group everything by the names of the dead soldiers.

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Newman Waffle

You can find this token at the C12-Nashville Facility. Look for the skeleton by a broken generator surrounded by electrical anomalies. Located next to the military first aid kit.

Daniel Guerick

To get this token, go to the neutral picnic area. Visit the anomalous grotto. The skeleton lies on the edge of the cliff at the same level where you can fight the Old Atom (MOBIOS). Take the token.

Georgy Semenenko

Search at the Crossroads, which is located between the Suburb and the Observation Base. Behind Lenny's hut, hidden in the corner among the rocks. click on the left ALT and look for the signature "Employee of the Black Wing" to quickly find the skeleton.

Winston "Sinner" Seth

Look at the entrance to Project Kaleidoscope, but not inside the bunker itself. The skeleton lies off to the side, on a hill overlooking an air vent that is used to enter the bunker (on first visit).

Joshua Stone

Look for the next token in the Whirlwind camp, which is located southwest of the neutral picnic zone. Finding the skeleton is difficult as it is located on a hill behind the entrance. You either need to use a wooden ladder or follow a long path in order to still find the skeleton. It is hidden in a corner at the edge of the location. Click on the left ALT to find the skeleton, which is signed with the familiar words "Employee of the Black Wing". If you went a long way, then the hill you need to climb should be looked for right in front of the building with the terminal, which is needed for the task "After the Whirlwind".

Roman "Rashka" Vasiliev

Look for the token in the Radioactive Graveyard. Hidden in the corner near the graves. The path to follow leads past the graves of John Romero, Mary Sue and Leland Cage. Look for a small path that leads away from the graves, but does not go up the hill. Find the skeleton of the Black Wing employee using the left ALT and take the token.

Mike Fredy-Verhulst II

This token can be found on the Abandoned Movie Set. This location will open with the quest "Lights, Cameras, Jack", although you can also find it if you go southeast of the Suburb. Unlike the previous deceased, the skeleton belongs to a former employee of the White Wing. He is outside, before you go inside and meet the robokids. Search between the four rocks next to the Frost Anomaly.

Juris Storm

Another token is located at the Fops base, more precisely, in the arena. At the very end, where you destroy the last enemy wave, there is a skeleton on the edge of the cliff. Search him.

Koh Carnage

Look for a location called "Destination" on the map. It is located west of the Fops camp / base. Koh is a former Black Wing employee. His skeleton lies in the rocks away from the trucks.

Marco Ruiz

You can find it in the Desert Road area west of Magellan's parking lot / base. The skeleton is hidden in the corner near the stone formations, at the exit (if you see a sleeping bag and camping, then you are in the opposite direction).

Dmitry Lezhinsky

This token is to be found on the Desert Lake, northeast of the Fops camp / base. It is lying near the entrance, near large rocks, on the shore. Difficult to see, so use the ALT key. Look for a Black Wing employee.

Andre Sense

This token can be found at the entrance to the labyrinth of death, where you find yourself in the main task. West of Phalanx base. Lies on a hill at the entrance, next to a giant cactus. Use the left ALT to see a Black Wing employee.

Ryden Palmer

Search at the Phalanx base. Learn from Don Spencer of Suburbia at the start of Act 2 (available only then!). Alternatively, you can find it by heading slightly southeast of the Vortex or southwest of Carmine Heights. The skeleton lies at the far end of the base, behind a wooden bridge and a parking lot, where there are riddles of the Forefathers. It blends in with the environment, so press ALT.

Tyrone Greddy

It can be found at the secret training ground, which is located east of the Phalanx base. First, we recommend that you clear the area from enemies, as they can complicate the search. The skeleton lies outside the base, on the side of the map where there are red plants. Hidden in the corner at the edge of the map, between the stones. Use the left ALT to find the Black Wing employee.

Victor Bowman

This token is to be found at the New Committee Outpost, west of Carmine Heights and slightly northwest of Phalanx's base. The skeleton is on the hill behind the anomalies (you can find another dead body belonging to Theodore Red, but this is not it, although in that case you are on the right track). On the hill, among the stones, there will be the skeleton itself. Press ALT to distinguish it from its surroundings.

Alex Steperev

The token can be found at the settler camp northwest of Carmine Heights and southeast of the no-go picnic area. You will learn about this place from Audrey Merville. Although you can find it yourself. First, we recommend that you kill all enemies. The skeleton lies on a hill near the campsite. The same level at which you start. And where is Hyena Helga. Look for camping and tent near unused vehicles. The skeleton lies on a stone near the tent.

Derek Raven

Found in Ash Forest, northwest of Carmine Heights. The skeleton is next to the Ionic MOBIOS and a pile of solid earth hanging from the edge of the cliff. Most of the Ash Forest landscape is the same, and there are two MOBIOS. From the entrance, go forward until you find defiled people. Climb the hill near the container, keep going forward and shield the hill behind the sign of dangerous radiation. You are on the right track! MOBIOS will be somewhere nearby. If you are under the influence of radiation, then you have come to the right place. When you see the MOBIOS next to the pile of earth, defeat the enemy and look for the skeleton near the rock. use the ALT key.

Petr Kochubinsky

Look for the first settlers in the camp. Chronologically, this will be the last token to be obtained, since you will need a church implant and the bandits' instructions to find it. If you go there without an implant, you will simply die. Look for the skeleton on the hill, where there are four opponents. It is hidden among the trees. Press ALT to find the signature "Employee of the Black Wing".

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