ESO: We played the dungeons in the new Waking Flame update - that's how tough they are


ESO: We played the dungeons in the new Waking Flame update - that's how tough they are

With the update 31 Waking Flame, the MMORPG ESO got two more dungeons. These include the Red Blossom Bastion dungeon and we have gone to both dungeons and tells you about them.

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W as are these dungeons? The Red Blossom Bastion is located in the north of the old alliance starting area Glenumbra. The Schreckenskeller can be found in the north of the new dark forest area. In both dungeons not only the regular 3 bosses await you. Similar to the unholy grave, there are still hidden secret bosses.

The dungeons were both tried out in veteran mode with hard mode.

Important vocabulary you should know for this guide

  • What is a synergy? You can activate a synergy with X (standard assignment). This triggers a certain effect. Here it is the crystals that summon a secret boss or the flames that you can absorb by synergizing. But there are also abilities of allied players that you can synergize. With this you often activate a positive effect on yourself or an additional negative effect on the opponent.
  • What is an Execute? This means skills that cause a lot of damage when the target is low on health.
  • What does spawn mean? This term comes from English and means “to appear” or “to appear”.
  • What does the word cleave damage mean? This refers to the damage that not only affects the main target, but also other targets incidentally.
  • What does rezen mean? Revive one player in the group with a Soul Gem.
  • What does Rez-Ulti mean? This term is based on the ultimate ability of the Necromancer class. This ability revives all dead group members.
  • What is a mockery? This describes a skill that mocks the opponent. This means that only the player who cast this skill on him will be attacked.
  • What does HM mean? HM stands for hard mode.

The horror cellar

For entering the Schreckenskeller you immediately get the achievement “Explorer / in the Awakening Flame”. With this you unlock a peaceful companion, the Skorion Schürling "Drachenbeißer". You will remember him in the dungeon.

What looks quite idyllic at the beginning quickly turns into a horror, matching the name. We meet the two battle mages Lucilla Caprenia and Martus Tullius, surrounded by a few imperial soldiers. A little later they are attacked by some cultists who, judging their screams, shed blood in the name of “Mehrunes Dagon”.

At this encounter both the imperial soldiers and the cultists fall. After witnessing this raid, the quest icon appears over Martus Tullius. From him we learn more about this place and get the quest “Trembling Terror”.

The Schreckenskeller is an old prison ruin that should actually have been abandoned. However, a horde of Daedras have gathered here. Actually, everyone outside is forbidden from entering, but Martus turns a blind eye when we help him investigate magical activities.

Secret bosses in the cellar of terror

You can do the secret bosses before the 3 boss fights. You unlock a usable synergy for the boss fights. The secret bosses, who you have to defeat beforehand in combat, can then be summoned in the boss fight with a synergy on the respective crystal. The secret boss will then support you in the fight for 1 minute.

Also, using a crystal synergy will revive all dead allies. Therefore you can also use the bosses as “Rez-Ulti”. Here is some more information about the individual Secret Bosses:

  • 1. Boss ( orange crystal ): The burnout
  • 2. Boss ( blue crystal ): The gravedigger
  • 3. Boss (white crystal): Grim Defender
To open the way to the Secret Bosses, you have to synergize blue flames to open the mysterious passage. There you have to activate crystals at the same time to open a portal to another level. There you have to ignite the basins that are in front of the respective crystal.

At the 1st Secret Boss you open the mysterious passage with lighting of 2 flame pools. For the next secret boss you need 3 flames and for the last boss you need 4 flames. You always only have a limited time to ignite the pools, but you can repeat it.

Tip : Make your way clear of add groups so that you can quickly transport the flames to the pools.

The 1st boss Scorion Broodlord in the Dread Cellar in ESO

You shouldn't burn the boss down, just play down the mechanics. Otherwise it will be relatively difficult. From approx. 90% boss life, 2 adds spawn: a bone colossus and a Xivilai shock butcher. The ranged fighter must be interrupted. And the adds should be focused.

After another 10% boss life, the boss ports to one of the broken seal stones and restores it. This must also be focused by the DDs. In addition, 2 adds spawn again: a Daedroth and a Xivilai devastator.

It makes sense for the tank to pull the adds onto the seal stone. Then the DDs can cleave the adds. The two mechanisms described alternate every 10%. Also, be prepared for fire & lightning surfaces on the ground. These are cast by the shock butcher.

The boss also has some AOE areas that fill up over time and then cause damage. There are dark red flames.

You can call the additional boss at the exit for 1 minute, provided you have done the secret boss beforehand. You have to synergize the orange crystal at the exit so that the 1st Secret Boss appears.

The 2nd boss Cyronin Artellian in the horror basement in ESO

You can see broad strips of coal over the entire surface of the floor. Flames will appear there in battle. These move in the same direction. You must not be hit by them. Players hit die. So you have to keep moving in battle.

Otherwise the boss is relatively simple. The DDs can do full damage to the boss. The adds, that is 2 storm atronarchs and smaller creatures, should die in cleave damage. To do this, the tank just has to mock them.

Overall, you should keep moving. For tanks with heavy armor, nimble jewelry may be recommended in order to avoid the surfaces in good time.

The final boss Magma incarnation in the Dread Cellar in ESO

Attention, the Non-HM in veteran mode is currently buggy. Even without hardmode, you sometimes get hardmode mechanics. Of course, these still cause more damage in the HM. In addition, the boss has twice as much life.
This boss has 8 million lives in the non-HM and 16 million lives in the HM. He casts at about 90% flame rays on 3 players. Ideally, put them on the edge, because they leave areas of fire along the line. You shouldn't stand with the beam as it will explode, killing players who get more than one beam.

In addition, vortices of flame appear, which move across the ground. Every now and then almost the entire floor area fills up. You have to move to the edge of the room.

The boss casts a dome over himself at around 60% and cannot take any damage during this time. You then have to synergize a portal at the exit and destroy a seal stone. There are several rooms which are chosen at random. In some rooms, the tank absolutely has to mock the add. The strand spider, for example, onehits healers and DDs.

You don't have endless time to return. If you stay in the portal too long, you will be drawn back into the boss fight. As soon as you are back from the portal, you will see vortices of flame that rotate like a wall around the central structure in the room. But you can dig through this vortex of flame and take no damage.

However, there are other vortices of flame that spin chaotically in circles on the ground. You should avoid these, because they cause massive damage. The portal phase repeats itself at approx. 30%.

There is also a “embodied breakout” ability where the boss rams his swords into the ground. A circular area appears around it. The tank then has to move into the area in a blocking manner in order to protect its group.

In general, the tank has to be prepared for painful blows from the boss. I also recommend that you wear a few pieces of armor that fit perfectly, as you have to avoid a lot of attacks and surfaces.

Smaller Daedric creatures spawn during combat. You don't have to focus them, but they should die in cleave damage. Ideally, the tank can pull the adds to the boss.

The red flower bastion

This dungeon also looks quite idyllic at the beginning. At some distance you can see three figures. As soon as you get close to them, you will witness a heated conversation between 3 NPCs. Among them is our old Daedric friend Lyranth, a preacher to the mother of the rose (Azura) by the name Weylin and a knight of the silver rose.

We only get the end of this conversation, in which the Knight of the Silver Rose refuses the other two NPCs entry into the fortress, turns around and enters the fortress. He threatens violence if they gain entry anyway.

Of course we wonder what the reason is that the two are not allowed to enter the fortress. The quest symbol appears above Weylin. After we have spoken to him, he warns us not to enter the fortress and explains his request. We get the quest “A rose of many thorns”.

Weylin informs you that some relics were forcibly stolen from Azura's temple by the knights of the silver rose. Lyranth is also looking for a relic, which is located inside the fortress of the Knights of the Silver Rose.

In fact, the knights confiscate dangerous items from harmful cults in order to protect Tamriel from Daedric creatures. Weylin doesn't seem to understand why the order of knights turned against his temple. He had found the relationship between the Order and its temple to be a good one.

Lyranth is less informative. Although she seems a little pleased to see us again, she does not tell us anything about the agreement between her and Weylin, “That’s just her and his business”. Now it is up to us to illegally enter the fortress of the Knightly Order and find out more.

The 1st Boss Rogerain the Cunning in the Red Blossom Bastion in ESO

This boss does a lot of damage. You'd better dodge his heavy attacks. Even for a tank, these are pretty painful in the block. He also summons death jumpers and portals from which Daedric creatures come. Flashing eddies slide across the floor from here.

Occasionally he will turn one player in your party into a goat. No abilities can be cast in the transformation. As a goat you have to collect sweet donuts on the ground until you can be transformed back.

The 2nd boss Eliam Merick in the Red Blossom Bastion in ESO

This boss is sometimes assisted by the mini-bosses Liramindel (archer) and Ihudir (swordsman). Be careful when he pushes his shock waves away from you. For healers and DDs, this area is mostly a one-hit.

What is particularly difficult about this boss is that you have to keep moving all the time. This makes it difficult for the DDs to inflict damage on the boss and to bring healing to his group for the healer. Occasionally the boss will jump to a random player. Anyone who stops in this area dies.

In addition, the boss leaves circular AOE areas and a large AOE area in its position on the entire level. As soon as he summons a dome around them, players under the dome are shielded from all abilities.

The mini bosses have to be interrupted again and again and also cause a lot of damage. The focus of the DDs should therefore initially be on the mini-bosses. In Execute these can then be ignored and the boss can be focused.

The final boss Prior Thierric Sarazen in the Red Blossom Bastion in ESO

The final boss lets an image of himself appear, so that 2 Priore Thierric Saracen hit the tank. In addition, every 25% of the boss life, 2 silver rose level formers and smaller Daedric creatures appear. We also get to see the dome from the 2nd boss fight again. Likewise, the jump to a random player.

But you can also look forward to floor areas. Large circular AOE areas appear and we are not spared the shock waves either. In addition, thorns appear from the ground every now and then, causing damage to the area.

From around 60% boss life, there is additional area damage that moves like a wall from one end of the room to the other. Reminds a little of the mechanics from the claw lair. However, if you are hit by it, you are not necessarily dead. But it still hurts.

In the Execute (boss life from 25% life) there are also medium-sized red circular areas that move.

My conclusion on the new dungeons from Waking Flame

The new dungeons are really tough. I especially remember the 2nd boss of the Red Blossom Bastion. We wiped quite a few times in this hard mode and finally had to change our constellation. When everyone was on their main role, it worked.

In the basement of terror, the final boss in hard mode is difficult. You should have a strong tank, a reliable healer, and DDs in the group who don't tip over often. It is relatively difficult to revive a player. I also recommend that you unlock the Secret Bosses in order to call them up in battle.

But I would definitely recommend you: take your time with you if you want to do the new dungeons in hardmode. And don't do any character experiments beforehand, but rather play a character that you have mastered well.

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