ESO: What do the companions Mirri and Bastian like?


ESO: What do the companions Mirri and Bastian like?

In June 2021 expansion Blackwood appeared on The Elder Scrolls Online . This also brought the companion system and the companions Mirri and Bastian into the MMORPG. We explains how you can improve the relationship with your companion.

beautifull pets
beautifull pets

What are the companions in ESO? The companions are NPCs that you can summon as allies in combat after unlocking. They support you on your travels through Tamriel.

Companions also mean that you develop a relationship with them. The two also have their own mind and leave you for a short time if you often annoy them. You, on the other hand, benefit from a good relationship. You unlock further quest options, skills of the companions and dialogues.

We reveal what your companions like and what not.

This is what Mirri Elendis likes in ESO

Mirri is passionate about relics and antiques. The best way to complete collections and tasks in the antiquities system is with her.

You should summon Mirri for the following activities, as it will improve your relationship:

  • Dig up antiques (+5)
  • Reading a book from a shelf (+1)
  • Collecting Psijic Portals (+5)
  • Killing Goblins (+1)
  • Killing snakes (but not lamias) (+1)
  • Making an alcoholic drink (+1)
  • Warrior Guild Quests (+125)
  • Completion of daily quests from Numani-Rasi (Ashlander at Ald'ruhn Way Shrine) (+125)
  • Entering daedric vaults or open dungeons (+10)
  • Learn a new style of outfit
  • Select demonic chicken as companion (+1)
  • Entering Vivec's library with a fully collected model of Vvardenfell (+5)
  • Pass through the gate between the Clockwork City and the Brass Fortress (+10)
  • Completed the “Relics of Summerset” achievement (+5)
  • Completion of the History Scraps achievement (+5)
  • Completion of the “Relief Repairer” achievement (+5)
  • Completion of the Wrothgar Relic Hunter achievement (+5)
  • Completion of a personal quest (+500, one-time)

You should leave that in Mirri Elendi's presence

Better to skip these activities while Mirri is watching you:

  • Killing or collecting insects (-1)
  • Using the Suffering Blade (-25)
  • Engage and kill a friendly NPC (exact loss unknown)
  • Enter the Sanctuary of the Dark Brother City (-10)
  • Travel by boat (exact loss unknown)
  • Completion of the Sacrament Quest of the Dark Brotherhood (-25)

Of course, that doesn't mean you can never do these things again. But be sure to think about sending Mirri away beforehand.

Bastian Hallix likes that in ESO

Bastian is an imperial battle mage and is enthusiastic about everything to do with the mages guild.

These activities are very popular with Bastian:

  • Killing bandits (+1)
  • Kill Nightwalkers on Summerset (+1)
  • Killing cultists (+1)
  • Read a book (+1)
  • Use of crafting banks (+1)
  • Collecting Psijic Portals (+5)
  • Help NPCs (+10)
  • Visit to Artaeum or Augvea (+10)
  • Visit the Mages Guild, which could have a portal to Augvea (+10)
  • Completion of daily quests for the Mages Guild (+125)
  • Completion of a personal quest (+500, one-time)

You should let that be in Bastian Hallix's presence

Bastian is described as righteous. This trait also affects the things he doesn't like. So if you don't want to be too strict about law and order, you'd better leave him at home.

Here is a list of the things he disapproves of:

  • Pickpocketing (-25)
  • Killing friendly NPCs (-25)
  • Using the Suffering Blade (-25)
  • General stealing (-5)
  • Collecting stolen goods (-5)
  • Escape from guards (-1)
  • Preparation of meals with cheese (-1)
How is your relationship with your companion? And which companion do you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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