Farming ESO gold - 7 tips to effectively earn gold in MMORPG


Farming ESO gold - 7 tips to effectively earn gold in MMORPG

Often one of the first questions is: "How do I make a lot of gold quickly?" in MMORPGS. It's no different in The Elder Scrolls Online . There are many ways to get gold, but which is the best? We show you how you can effectively earn a lot of gold.

Making craft daylies every day

This is pretty much the easiest way to earn gold in ESO. If you are just new to it, it will take a while until you have collected some materials. But at some point that won't be your concern anymore. And then the crafting quests are done very quickly.

Where do I do the daily crafting quests? I recommend the city of Leyawiin in Dunkelforst. There all craft benches are at one point. Only the riding stables are further away. However, if you already have your mount at the maximum level, then this city is perfect for you.

ESO + is recommended for all the materials. The membership includes a handicraft bag in which you can store materials endlessly. In principle, you don't have to do that to receive the gold. In the long run, however, a lot accumulates and the material is not without value.

In addition, the gold you receive is increased by 10% if you have an ESO + membership. So if you want to play this MMORPG in the long term, it may be worthwhile for you.

Dig up valuable items from the antiques system

You can get tracks for an epic item when excavating in each area, which you can sell at the dealer for 10,000 gold. However, this is only possible once. But if you want to level your skill lines of the antique system anyway, this is a good choice.

Not just because of the extra gold, but also because of the increased experience you get from an epic versus a superior track. Should you the Antiquitätelsystem not have unlocked, there are in the following paragraphs guidance.

This is how the antiquities system works:  You can unlock the two skill lines in the antiquarian circle in Solitude (western edge of the sky). There you have to accept and complete the quest The Antiquarian Circle at Verita Numida.

In the quest you will also be explained how the scouting and the excavation work, similar to a tutorial. Once you reach level 5 in the two skill lines, you can spot and dig up the epic tracks. Then you should go to all areas and collect your extra gold.

Farm raids

For the experienced players among you, you can expect items in veteran raids that you can sell for a lot of money at the dealer. But beware! For this method to be worthwhile, you should get through the raids relatively quickly, safely and with few deaths. Otherwise, the effort of buffalo food, drinkers and the like is not worth it.

These are the items:

  • A raid-unspecific epic item:

Undaunted loot : You can get this item multiple times in veteran raids. With and without hard mode. You can then sell it at the dealer for a whopping 1,000 gold.

  • A raid-specific legendary item: These items are available for completion in veteran mode with hard mode. You can sell it for 10,000 gold at the dealer, for example:

Rid-Thars moon pearls (vMoL HM)

Ideally, you should choose an older and therefore simpler raid. With very strong groups you can also orientate yourself on the duration of the raids. vAS + 2 (Institution Sanctorium with Hardmode), for example, can be completed very quickly.

Trade in guild shops

Trading various items in the guild shops can be very profitable. However, this assumes that the player deals with trade statistics. A share capital cannot do any harm, but it is not absolutely necessary. Because everyone starts with the small penny.

First of all, find a trading guild. In the guild search (G) you can specifically look out for guilds that focus on trading. Note, however, that most guilds have a required minimum turnover. If this is not met, a donation to the guild bank is usually requested.

This minimum turnover often depends on where the associated guild dealer is. The guild leaders bid on the traders every week. In the capital cities, the guild traders are therefore in great demand and are therefore significantly more expensive. This can often only be financed if the players turn over a certain amount of gold.

However, if you are just starting out with trading in ESO, a guild with no minimum turnover is recommended.

But what am I offering for sale? That depends on your focus in the game. But materials of all kinds are actually always in demand. For example, you can sell enhancers or recipes that you get from the craft daylies or when refining raw materials.

There are some add-ons for the price statistics that will help you with this. But since these add-ons process a lot of data, your performance may suffer. So only activate it when you need it. I would deactivate them briefly in dungeons or raids. Here is a list of retail add-ons:

  • Tamriel Trade Center
  • Master Merchant
  • Arkadius' Trade Tools

PvP activities

Those of you who spend a lot of time in PvP can make gold relatively easily. With the alliance points (from Cyrodiil) or the Tel'Va stones (from the imperial city) you can purchase items or materials that can be easily sold in trade guilds.

Alchemy materials and Alliance potions are popular. You can sell these for good gold in the guild shop.

The advantage is that you earn gold on the side. Without targeted farming of resources.

Sell ​​new crafting styles from dungeons or areas

Especially when a craft style is relatively new, it can be sold for large amounts in the guild shop. But similar to farm raids, you always have to keep an eye on the cost-benefit ratio. If you find it difficult to complete a dungeon, this may not be the right way for you to earn gold.

I would therefore recommend farming DLC ​​dungeons more to veterans and experienced players. On the other hand, styles from daily area quests are easy to access even for inexperienced players.

Daily quests of the areas

The daily area quests not only have the advantage that you can possibly get a crafting style. Every now and then, housing recipes also drop, which are very popular. With a bit of luck, there will be a rare recipe that you can sell at a high price.

You can only accept one quest from each quest giver with each character. However, there are a total of other daily quests that you can share with other players. So you can do several area quests on the same day.

This add-on helps you to keep track of all characters: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)

You might ask other players if they want to take part. As a result, everyone benefits from the other. Plus, it's usually a lot more fun together.

Set green champion points (skill) correctly

You can increase the gold you have received through the correct selection of your champion points in the green tree (skill). For this you have to put 50 points in “gold-plated fingers”. This increases the gold you receive by 2% per level. Another 50 points in “Favor of Happiness” are also worthwhile. This increases the gold you found in treasure chests and cash boxes by 10%.

The following active champion points can also be worthwhile:

  • Careful dismantling: Increases your chances of getting back carpenter's, blacksmith's, tailor's and jewelry materials when disposing of items and of receiving stronger enhancers made from raw materials.
  • Treasure hunter: Increases the quality of the items you found in chests.
When collecting your find reports, you should definitely have the following champion point equipped:
  • Abundant Yield: You have a 10% chance per level to receive double the yield from normal resource deposits.
These champion points are also helpful because they increase your speed when collecting resources:

  • Master Collector: Reduces the time you need to harvest by 10% per level.
  • Blessing of the Horse: Increases your movement speed outside of combat by 0.4% per level.
  • Windrunner: Speed: Increases your running speed by 2% per level ( Red Champion Point Tree: Power )
If you complete the daily area quest, you can activate the following champion point:

  • Handyman: You have a 10% chance of receiving a 2nd furnishing plan if you can find a furnishing plan.
Remember that you need to equip the active champion points. Otherwise they are inactive.

However, gold is not the only important currency in ESO. The transmutation crystals are particularly important for your equipment. 

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