FIFA 22: The 5 Most Exciting Summer Transfers and What They Mean for FUT


FIFA 22: The 5 Most Exciting Summer Transfers and What They Mean for FUT

Numerous soccer stars changed clubs in the summer. This will also be felt in FIFA 22 - especially in Ultimate Team.

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Why are transfers important to Ultimate Team? The chemistry of an Ultimate Team club is determined by matching nationalities, leagues and clubs. It is therefore important to hire players who match these factors.

That is why transfers in real football where the league is changed are particularly important for Ultimate Team. Then there are new possible combinations in FUT.

This year there are a number of top transfers that will be exciting in FUT. We take a look at the 5 most interesting ones here.

Lionel Messi

Why is the Messi transfer exciting? The fact that Lionel Messi actually changed clubs caught the football world cold. After all, the exceptional footballer was an absolute icon at FC Barcelona, ​​where he spent his entire career so far.

The multiple world footballer went to PSG in the summer - where he will be part of perhaps the strongest team in FIFA 22. Because he is now competing there with his old team-mate Neymar and cover star Mbappé .

The fact that the latter did not change is actually worth a contribution - because for a long time it was said that Mbappé would go to Real Madrid. Instead, he is now forming the dream storm with Neymar and Messi. Mbappé himself has already shown his violent values,

With Messi you now have another incredibly strong option in Ligue 1. The Spanish La Liga, on the other hand, is getting poorer with one of its best players - and with it FUT teams that have concentrated on the Spanish league.

The PSG attack is absolutely blatant

Cristiano Ronaldo

Why is the Ronaldo transfer exciting? Ronaldo is at least as iconic as Messi, as the two dueled for the title of the world's best footballer for years. Accordingly, the CR7 transfer made headlines without end.

In FIFA, Ronaldo is one of the best cards ever, and it will be again in FIFA 22. After all, the superstar is still shooting goals like on an assembly line. That will probably not change with his new, old club, Manchester United, in England.

By switching to ManU, the Premier League is getting an absolute star - and Premier League fans in FIFA 22 have another goal machine that they can build into their team. Ronaldo will be able to convince with skills, graduation and probably also speed.

The Italian Serie A, on the other hand, loses its probably greatest star and thus also becomes weaker in Ultimate Team. For Serie A FUT fans, the move is likely to be particularly painful, as their strongest card in Ultimate Team leaves the league.

After all: Ronaldo was so expensive that it wasn't easy to get anyway.

Jadon Sancho

Why is the Sancho transfer exciting? Manchester United is shaking up the FIFA meta this year, because Jadon Sancho was also caught by the “Red Devils”.

The Englishman is leaving BVB and thus also the Bundesliga. Thus, the German league loses one of the fastest dribbling players to the English competition. This is also bitter for FUT fans of the Bundesliga, for whom one of the best options on the outside is going to blow. Serge Gnabry is now the first alternative.

At ManU, of course, the picture is wonderful - because Sancho will be able to feed Ronaldo with feeds in FIFA 22. However, the Englishman should now be a whole point more expensive. Classically, Premier League footballers cost more on the transfer market.

Sancho was a good Bundesliga card, now he's going to the Premier League

Raphael Varane

Why is the Varane transfer exciting? You'd think that Manchester United arranged their transfers according to FIFA-Meta, because the French central defender is also moving to the Red Devils.

Varane was arguably the most popular and most feared central defender in FIFA 21. The Frenchman reliably ensured that the opposing offensive bit its teeth on the last line of defense. Great when you had it. It was stupid when he played against you.

As a Frenchman, Varane can of course also score with great links and ensure that strong teammates can be integrated into the Premier League team. LaLiga, on the other hand, is more suffering again, having to say goodbye to one of their best FUT cards.

Romelu Lukaku

Why is the Lukaku transfer exciting? Another candidate for the Premier League, but not for ManU: Lukaku is moving from the Italian Serie A to Chelsea.

Lukaku is more of the “heavy striker” type, although the Belgian can also convince technically. Only when it comes to speed has he recently been rated poorly by FIFA - if things go differently in the next season, the Premier League will have a really good attacker to choose from.

As a Belgian, he can also access a number of other players who offer interesting links. On the other hand, it will be bitter again for Serie A fans who lose another star striker to another league.

Which transfers were the most exciting for you this summer? Have more players changed clubs that you are now planning for your Ultimate Team? Tell us in the comments!

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