FIFA 22: All Players with 5 Star Skills - Who are the best tricksters?


FIFA 22: All Players with 5 Star Skills - Who are the best tricksters?

The best tricks can be used in FIFA 22 with 5-star players . We shows you all the 5-star-Skillers presented so far in the table and with which players you can best show off.

THE LEGEND PLAYER***HAZARD when messi is not around

The release of FIFA 22 is imminent, the early access has already started . Accordingly, EA has once again revealed numerous player values. Now we also know which players can score points with 5-star special moves in FIFA 22.

What are 5-Star Skillers?  These are players who are particularly good at special tricks. This includes skill moves such as flicks, turns or fints. These can be used better and faster with these ball artists.

What do players with 5 stars bring me?  Basically, all players can perform any skill move with the right stick. But it works much better with the 5-star professionals: Depending on the star rating and attributes, lower-rated players will perform error-prone and slower versions of some tricks.

The skill rating is from 1 to 5 stars and the more stars a player has, the easier it is to pull off crazy tricks.

So that you know which players have 5 stars for skills at the launch of FIFA 22, you will find an overview here.

All players with a 5 star rating for special tricks in FIFA 22

These are the players with 5-star skills in the overview: In the table you will find the previously known 5-star tricksters sorted by rating. You will also find the position and the league in which the players are kicking.

Name (Rating)Position / leagueName (Rating)Position / league
1. Kylian Mbappé (91)ST / Ligue 127. Allan Saint-Maximin (79)LM / Premier League
2. Neymar (91)LF / Ligue 128. Antony (79)RF / Eredivisie
3. Christiano Ronaldo (91)ST / Premier League29. David Neres (79)RF / Eredivisie
4. Di Maria (87)RF / Ligue 130. Xherdan Shaqiri (79)RF / Ligue 1
5. Jadon Sancho (87)RM / Premier League31. Gelson Martins (78)RM / Ligue 1
6. Paul Pogba (87)ZM / Premier League32. Quaresma (77)RF / Primeira Liga
7. Riyad Mahrez (86)RF / Premier League33. Igor Coronado (76)RF / SPL
8. Thiago (86)ZM / Premier League34. Ricardo Centurión (75)RF / Primera División (Arg.)
9. Marcus Rashford (85)LM / Premier League35. Silas (75)RM / Bundesliga
10. Memphis Depay (85)MS / Primera División36. Luciano Acosta (75)ZOM / MLS
11. Roberto Firmino (85)MS / Premier League37. Amine Harit (75)ZOM / Ligue 1
12. Hakim Ziyech (84)RF / Premier League38. Cesinha (75)ZOM / K League 1
13. Josip Iličić (84)MS / Series A39. Ignacio Piatti (75)ZOM / Primera División (Arg.)
14. Zlatan Ibrahimović (84)ST / Series A40. Hernâni (75)RM / Series A
15. Ousmane Dembélé (83)RF / Primera División41. Marcelino Moreno (74)ZM / MLS
16. Juan Cuadrado (83)RV / Serie A42. Alexandru Maxim (74)ZOM / Süper Lig
17. João Félix (83)MS / Primera División43. Rayan Cherki (73)RF / Ligue 1
18. Wilfried Zaha (82)LS / Premier League44. Jorge Carrascal (73)ZOM / Primera División (Arg.)
19. Jesús Corona (82)RM / Primeira Liga45. Modou Barrow (71)MS / K League 1
20. Martin Ødegaard (82)ZOM / Premier League46. ​​Chanathip Songkrasin (71)MS / J1 League
21. Coutinho (82)ZOM / Primera División47. Aiden McGeady (70)LM / Football League One
22. Nani (81)LF / MLS48. Negueba (69)RM / K League 1
23. Marlos (81)ZOM / Premjer-Liha (Ukraine)49. Gary Mackay-Steven (67)RM / Scottish Premiership
24. Vinícius Jr. (80)LF / Primera Division50. Talles Magno (67)LM / MLS
25. Eduardo Salvio (80)RM / Primera División (Arg.)51. Ilsinho (67)RM / MLS
26. Marcelo (80)LV / Primera División
These are all of the regular 5-star Skillers that have been featured so far. We have not included icons and other special cards in this list.

Other 4-star players will likely receive special cards in the future that will also give them 5-star skills.

Who are the best tricksters? As in the previous year, there are three players with 5 stars for special movements and over 90 in the overall rating:

  • Mbappé - 91
  • Neymar - 91
  • Christiano Ronaldo - 91

A player from the Bundesliga is represented

Which player is there? In FIFA 22, a player from the Bundesliga made it onto the list. Silas Katompa Mvumpa from VfB Stuttgart is the only Bundesliga professional among the 5-star skills:

Unfortunately, Silas does not have any particularly outstanding values ​​overall. At 87 pace he is not slow and 80 dribbling is not catastrophic, but not particularly good either. His other values ​​are mostly low. Therefore, Silas is at most a suitable card for the start in FUT.

Last year the selection was better. With Sancho, Thiago and Harit, however, three technically strong players have left the Bundesliga.

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