FIFA 22, how to score more often with finesse shots

 Check out our guide to making it easier to score goals with finesse shots in FIFA 22's FUT mode.

FIFA 22, how to score more often with finesse shots

The finesse shots are extremely effective at the launch of FIFA 22, we explain how to score more often with this technique. Indeed, if many players complain about the efficiency of goalkeepers on shots in the box, fine shots from a distance are clearly too effective at the start of the season. We therefore explain how to achieve them and even which players should be favored in order to score more often.

How to score with finesse shots in FIFA 22?

The fine shots have often been OP on FIFA, with a few games where they were clearly too strong. If FIFA 19 is remembered, this type of shooting was already relatively effective on FIFA 21. However, nothing seems really similar to what we currently see in the game, both in current-gen and next- gen.

Soccer Shooting Drill - 4v2 To Goal
Soccer Shooting Drill - 4v2 To Goal

Indeed, while goalkeepers have become much stronger on short range shots, sometimes making impossible saves, the latter are really ineffective on fine shots from a distance. It is even sometimes funny to see how the goalkeepers throw themselves on this kind of shots outside the box.

To achieve a fine shot, you must use (on the basic controls), your shot button B (Xbox) or Square (PS) and simultaneously the button RB (Xbox) or R1 (PlayStation). This combination will give spin to your ball, often allowing you to lob the goalie.

But to mark more often, we recommend the following:

  • Prefer a player with the characteristics " Shooting finesse "
  • A player with a high Shooting Power and Ranged Shots (above 80+)
  • Place your player aside, parallel to the goal, before shooting
  • To put a better angle on your shot, it is possible to shoot at the corners of the penalty area instead. 

This technique of playing with fine distance shots allows you to:

  • Take advantage of particularly OP shots at the launch of FIFA 22
  • To use very efficient but cheaper cards on the market
  • To counter very defensive " park the bus " tactics by forcing the opponent out of the penalty area

The best players for finesse shots

So if for many, the Meta is to use players with a lot of speed in front, the balance of goalkeepers makes this perspective less interesting. Conversely, slower players are often shunned by FIFA fans, however, some should now gain in value if the fine shots remain as effective.

We will note among the players respecting the criteria listed above, these examples:

Eden Hazard , the Belgian Real Madrid player has several advantages. First of all, it has the finesse shooting trait with excellent shooting stats. In addition, the map is mobile and versatile, playable in MOC. In addition, he plays in a good league with very good links. Finally, the strong link with Ferland Mendy makes the card desirable and linkable at a high level with a totally different formation around these players.

Harry Kane , the excellent British player clearly does not have a card to live up to the player in real life despite his 90 overall rating this year. However, this is probably one of the best maps in FIFA 22 using the Meta of finesse shots. With 5 low foot stars, incredible marks on the shot, and super smooth animation, Kane is a cheap (considering the overall rating level) but formidable card in the right hands. We recommend the Spurs player in 10 behind two forwards, to both distribute the play in front but also to be able to back up and shoot from a distance.

Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez is often a card a bit forgotten by FUT players. While Premier League fans prefer fast cards like Salah or even Moura, Mahrez is a great option for finesse shots. Again with the Slick Shot characteristic, 4 low foot stars and good stats, the City player is a card to watch out for. In between, the strong bond with Walker is also a plus.

Lorenzo Insigne , the Napoli player is conversely a relatively Meta card at the launch of the game. Fast and mobile, the latter is mainly limited by its difficult links outside of Serie A. On the other hand, with an excellent shooting from a distance , the Shooting finesse trait and a strong possible link with Spinazzola, Insigne is clearly a good option.

Obviously, cards like Dybala, Lewandowski or Son are excellent in this configuration but they are also playable in a more traditional way.

So much for our guide to scoring goals more easily with finesse shots in FIFA 22 FUT mode . Once again, our guide mainly offers examples and tips to help you build your own team to get started on FUT this year. 

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