FIFA 22, Premier League Ultimate Team at FUT Mode Launch

 Check out our guide featuring our example for an Ultimate Premier League squad when FIFA 22 FUT mode kicks off.

Meet our Premier League Ultimate Team at the launch of FIFA 22 FUT Mode. Indeed, using Gold Cards only, we're bringing you the best possible English Championship card training for the release of FIFA 22.

The Ultimate Premier League squad on FUT for the release of FIFA 22

So we have achieved the best possible Premier League team, not only in overall score but also, on the Meta aspect. We will therefore have the best individual cards, also with a collective of 100, all cards with 10 of collective and players with many stars of technical gestures and weak feet.

Our ultimate Premier League roster.

For once here, no compromise! The best cards in overall score are also the most Meta. It should be noted however that Van Dijk is a bit limited (his acceleration is quite low) but that he remains excellent in terms of blocking. On the wings Robertson is quick and nimble enough to maintain his position compared to more fragile but faster options. We also opted for Son over Mané or Rashford, due to his low 5-star footing.

This formation would be to play in 4-2-2-2 or in diamond. We recommend Son and Ronaldo in pointe, to take advantage of the Korean player's weak footing. Behind, Kanté in a position of MDC, according to KDB or / and Salah in MOC with Bruno Fernandes in MC or MDC who goes up.

The total price for this squad is bound to be very high when the game launches, but at least now you have an idea of ​​what a near-perfect squad might look like using Premier League players in the first week of FUT.

So much for our guide featuring our example for an Ultimate Premier League squad when FIFA 22 FUT launches . Once again, our guide mainly offers examples and tips to help you build your own team to get started on FUT this year. 

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