FIFA 22: This is how you recognize a walkout - but do you still need it?


FIFA 22: This is how you recognize a walkout - but do you still need it?

There is another pack animation in FIFA 22 . If you want to see early on whether there is a walkout, you can pay attention to a few details. But you have to hurry up with that.

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English Conversation About Goal

What is a walkout? In FIFA Ultimate Team, players who walk through the image when the pack is opened are called “walkouts”. This only happens to highly rated players above a rating of 86.

But even before the player ran through the picture, you could see in the past from the details of the animation, which type of player is in the pack.

Especially with the long animations, such as in FIFA 21, you could see at an early stage whether you were simply skipping this part of the pack opening.

In FIFA 22 you can also pay attention to details again to see what kind of card can be expected at the end of the animations. However, this is almost no longer necessary.

Short pack animation in FIFA 22 quickly shows what's inside

This is how you recognize the card types: In FIFA 22, the animation for the packs is significantly shorter than it used to be. There are no more gates or a tunnel through which you can drive towards the map.

Instead, we immediately see a podium including the empty card, which is then quickly filled with information about nationality, position, club, player and rating.

The main differences look like this:

  • A walkout (i.e. over 86) can be recognized by the numerous flames that shoot out of the pedestal. However, the player quickly walks into the picture anyway.
  • A walkout with a value of over 88 also receives spotlights above the pedestal. This is a sign that can be recognized early on.
  • A player between 83 and 85 will get two flames on the sides of the pedestal.
  • Below 82 there is no fire on the pedestal.

Community divided by animation: If you look at the comments on YouTube or in the FIFA subreddit (via reddit ), you will find mixed assessments of the new pack animation - even now, before the FIFA 22 release .

  • There are some who are happy about the significantly shortened pack animation. It is stated here that lengthy pack animations simply drag out the opening process. If you skip, you won't get to see the walkout animation in the end. Thanks to the shorter animation, this is no longer a problem.
  • Others are annoyed that the animation is so short. The hype and the short guesswork as to which player is waiting for you in a pack would be lost here. The slow display of nationality, position and club aroused anticipation when there was actually a good player in the pack. That will now be quasi cut off.
Accordingly, it is no longer so urgently necessary to pay attention to hints regarding the walkouts. Because: The animation runs so quickly that you can see what's inside pretty quickly anyway.

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