How can I change the language in Call of Duty: Mobile


How can I change the language in Call of Duty: Mobile

This video game platform has been one of the most downloaded worldwide because it offers its gamers an excellent experience in terms of graphics, missions, weapons, events and even game modes . It is easy to download on your mobile phone and it is simple to understand and use, although of course, as in all applications, there are questions as the game progresses.

How to change the language is one of them, since Call of Duty: Mobile is programmed to download in English and often if you are from a Latin American country this will be a problem, but not everyone has extensive knowledge of this language. But don't worry, we will teach you how to modify it to the language you want.

Change the language of your game quickly and easily.

Changing the language is very easy and fast, it is important to know that this game not only has the English and Spanish languages ​​but also Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish and others that add up to a total of 10 languages . You must enter the game, since from there we will change the language.

Then you go to the upper right part of the screen, next to the credits on the left you will see a small gear icon and you will press the wheel that will take you to the game settings, being there you will notice that one will have the word «language» After pressing it, the different languages ​​already mentioned will be shown and now you only have to select the language of your preference .

With these steps you can choose the language of your preference, you can also change the language of Spanish to the language you like the most .

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