How to Access Ursula's Train in Encased

How to Access Ursula's Train in Encased

 How to unlock the fast travel / travel system in Encased

The first act of your journey through the post-apocalyptic world of Encased can seem a little tedious, especially since it takes hours to get from one place to another. This in turn leads to an accumulation of fatigue, hunger and thirst, and at higher difficulty levels (for example, on "Tactics") such penalties can cost you your life.

Fortunately, there is a special type of transport in the game, which can only be accessed in the second act. Immediately after completing the meeting with the heads of the factions, exit the Council building. Karim al Wahid will approach you, who will tell you about Ursula's services and even tell you where to look for her (a marker will appear on the map). The main thing is to accept his offer.

If you do not want to agree with Karim, remember that he will stay and will be waiting for you near the Council building. Agree to complete his mission to begin the quest "Return of Ursula". The place you should go to is marked as "Quicksand". Look for him on the Dome map between the rogue camp (base) and the entrance to the labyrinth of death. Please note that this is a temporary location that will disappear immediately after you return the train.

Once you arrive there, you will find a huge train stuck in the sand. There will also be level 15 skeletons and a pyro-necroid, but it is not necessary to fight with them for now. Your goal is to get on the train and get to the driver's seat of "Ursula". To get inside, go to the very end and use the passage. Move to the driver's seat, where you will find that the train will not move without a special key card. It can be knocked out of the pyro-necroid mentioned earlier. And don't even try to steal it. We'll have to defeat the pyro-necroid (and, probably, other skeletons) in order to subsequently search his remains and pick up the key card.

Use the key card in the place of the driver of "Ursula" and you will find out that the train needs fuel. Fortunately, there are canisters right inside it, and you just need to bring at least one of them. Now you can start the engine, change gears and step on the pedal. The train will not be able to move due to other cars. Go down to the hitch control panel to free the locomotive from the rest of the cars.

The solution is simple, but there are many options. To uncouple the head car, you need to pull out rods 2 and 3, while pushing in rods 1 and 4. Due to the large number of options, the solution can be complicated. Select rod # 2 to apply pressure to it. Move the lever until PULL OUT appears. Step on the pedal, then repeat the process with the # 3 shaft. Select rod # 1 to apply pressure to it. Move the lever until PUSH IN is written. Step on the pedal and repeat with rod # 4. If you are notified that you are losing pressure, look at the pressure gauge and monitor the reading to restore pressure and resume operation.

Once the bars have been placed in the correct order, the dialog box will automatically close. Return to the seat of the driver "Ursula" and press the pedal. You can now control Ursula by moving around the map, and also set up camp inside the train. The game again allows you to travel on foot. You can never lose access to Ursula. The train won't go anywhere, but it will stay where you left it the last time. You can still interact with trade caravans and fight enemies while traveling on the Ursula.

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