How to avoid or create an alien abduction in The Sims 4: Get to Work!


How to avoid or create an alien abduction in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

The Sims 4: Get to Work! It has not only included incredible jobs for the players, such as being a Detective, Doctor or Scientist, but also because it has added aliens. In fact, there is a way to travel to the planet Sixam and meet these creatures to establish relationships with them. However, sometimes a strange event occurs on Earth that leaves Sims a little scared, and it is abductions.

These events are very peculiar and tend to have quite peculiar consequences , but the good news is that there are ways to avoid or cause a Sim to be abducted, depending on what you want for him. Next, we leave you all the information you need in our complete guide to The Sims 4 to be able to carry out this extraterrestrial process.

What are abductions in The Sims 4: Get to Work !?

Abductions are a feature created by alien spaceships from The Sims 4: Get to Work! They are presented in outdoor locations with a spotlight that draws a Sim out through levitation until they reach said spaceship. When this happens to a man he can get pregnant by the alien pollinator, when he is a woman no positive or negative consequences happen.

How to get a Sim abducted by an alien in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

Abduction is one of the most interesting experiences that can be in the game, even more so when you dedicate yourself to being a scientist or an astronaut. In fact, these types of jobs make your Sims more likely to be abducted, as it is the quickest way to make contact with aliens. Another thing that can be done to attract the attention of aliens is Build the Signal Antenna , this can be done only when dedicating to the profession of Scientist and from the workplace of the character. The Signal Antenna aims to send signals into space to invite aliens to the Sims' planet.

Notably, these are just ways to be more likely to achieve this, as abductions are often random and there is no specific method to specifically make a Sim abducted. However, by following the steps we have indicated, you may be able to get the character "kidnapped" by these strange beings.

How to avoid being abducted by an alien in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

Not everyone wants to be abducted by aliens, and you probably don't want your Sim to get pregnant or want to have a child of pure alien race. There are also ways to avoid being abducted and avoid all these consequences that these types of events bring. The only way to reduce the chances of abduction to a Sim is to avoid maintaining contact with the outside , for example, stop travel to space or the planet Sixam, dedicate yourself to being a scientist and study aliens, or for no reason to create the Antenna of Signs , as this would attract aliens into your world causing more abductions to occur in your household.

On the other hand, there is a way to cancel abductions the moment they are activated, and that is by canceling the action. To explain it in a more detailed way, it is necessary that when it appears in the list of actions that your Sim is going to be abducted or when your Sim is heading in the light of alien abduction, you cancel this action as many times as you have to. . This will make your Sim stay still while the aliens light goes out. The cheat only works if you are fast enough, because once your Sim has already touched the light or is on the way to the spaceship there is no going back. 

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