How to be the first to play FIFA 22 before the release - Everything about Early Access


How to be the first to play FIFA 22 before the release - Everything about Early Access

FIFA 22 will be released in October, but there are several ways to play before the official release date. You can find all the options here. 

When will FIFA 22 officially be released? The official release date for FIFA 22 is October 1st, 2021. At this point it is possible to play the game in full in the standard version.

What about a demo? With regard to a demo, it currently seems that FIFA 22 is going the same way as FIFA 21 last year: There was no demo. So far, nothing contrary to FIFA 22 is known. Accordingly, it can be assumed that we will have to do without a demo this year as well.

How can I play earlier? If you don't want to wait until October 1st, the different game versions have different options to play before this date. We'll take a closer look at them here. 

This is how you play FIFA 22 before October 1st

If you want to play FIFA 22 before October 1st, you can fall back on different variants.

The Ultimate Edition - 09/27/2021

If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22, you will get four days early access. With this game variant you can play from September 27th - and to the full extent. In addition, the Ultimate Edition offers other bonuses, which you can find here.

FIFA 22 with EA Play - 09/22/2021 (limited)

If you are an EA Play member, you will get access to a so-called "Early Access Trial", which is limited to 10 hours and will be available from September 22nd. Here you can play all modes of FIFA 22, but limited in time. After the 10 hours you have to wait until October 1st for it to continue.

FIFA 22 with EA Play Pro - Sep 22, 2021 (Unlimited)

As EA writes on the FIFA 22 page ( via EA ), as an EA Play Pro member you can access the Ultimate Edition with Origin or the EA app on Windows from September 22nd. In this case, it is not a time-limited trial, but unlimited access.

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