How to change your character to a woman in Call of Duty: Mobile


How to change your character to a woman in Call of Duty: Mobile

The implementation of different characters within the Call of Duty: Mobile game has been increasing progressively, but in the female realm, it leaves much to be desired. Although it is true that a contribution in gender inclusion is expected from the Activision company, it is they in the end who will have the last word if they will definitely open a simpler way to acquire said female characters, taking into account that they are their creators .

How to have a female character in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Here we are presented with some obstacles and obstacles when it comes to wanting to use a female character and it is that at the beginning of the game we will not be able to have access to request said skin . But don't worry, here we will tell you how to obtain it , if you follow the following steps to the letter.

The only female operator available, we can obtain it without further problems if we cancel the payment required by the game , but in which case we want to have it for free we must go up to level 3 at least , and hopefully in one of the boxes we can find the female skin of Erin "Battery" Baker .

This is the only female character available although surprises are expected from Activision for future seasons, where the commonly known character "Zheraph" Zhen-Zhen is added in other installments of this fun game.

Don't forget that the fastest way to unlock a character is by purchasing it from the store or by unlocking the season pass . In the same way, it is expected that they will bring us surprises for Valentine's Day, with the acquisition of a new box where said character can be unlocked.

Something very well known is that many female players are active playing this wonderful game and therefore want more inclusion in terms of the presence of their characters.

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