How to collect all City Posters in The Sims 4: City Dwellers


How to collect all City Posters in The Sims 4: City Dwellers

The Sims 4: City Dwellers not only brings along the Snowball collection, but also quirky posters scattered around town that Sims can collect and grab to collect each one for an achievement. Basically, these are art-filled posters with a very interesting style.

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These types of objects are strange and it is difficult to get them because they are obtained in a different way than what we are normally used to. The City Posters can only be acquired with the Urbanites expansion, and in the following complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to leave you everything you need to know about them.

How to get City Posters in The Sims 4

The Posters can only be found in the city of San Myshuno , they are scattered throughout the area in the electricity boxes that you can see in the image. There are no specific places you can go to get them, as they change places randomly. It is recommended that you visit several places and investigate those electricity boxes, if you see a poster attached you can interact with it to obtain it.

On the other hand, there is also the method of searching in garbage boxes that also appear in some parts of San Myshuno. These would be the same as Snowballs , but sometimes they can also give Posters. However, this is the most difficult way to get them.

All The Sims 4 City Posters

In total there are about 15 City Posters that can be collected. These are distributed in classifications of Common, Little Common, and Unusual. You can see their names and category in the list that we have put together for you.

City Posters - Common

  • Poster red hearts, white diamonds.
  • L'espirit d'escalier perfume poster.
  • Travel poster to the fashion district.
  • Ansy Haughty Anarchy.
  • Ansy Self Portrait Poster.
  • Bunny Fall Poster.
  • Ansy's Starry Garden Maiden.

City Posters - Uncommon

  • Poster of The Legacy of the Night.
  • Killing poster at dusk.
  • Electricity in Ansy's Flame Land.
  • Pijolandia of Ansy.
  • Willam on acoustic.

City Posters - Unusual

  • Aspiration of Ansy.
  • Every pancake tells a lie from Ansy.
  • With the water around Ansy's neck.

The difficult thing about overcoming this collection is that you are going to have to make many trips waiting to find these Posters , but with effort and effort you are sure to get all of them. For this you must be prepared, so your character always has food in his inventory and you can cover all the needs so that he does not suffer any type of damage. These City Posters you can place in the world after you get them, and they even look great on the walls of any home. It should be noted that to complete the collection you must have them all at the same time, so do not sell them or get rid of them until you acquire absolutely all of them. 

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