How to collect all the Elements in The Sims 4


How to collect all the Elements in The Sims 4

On the planet of The Sims 4 there are a large number of natural fragments that can be found by characters for different purposes. Among them are Metals , Crystals and Fossils , although another of the game's striking collectibles are undoubtedly the Elements, which refer to chemical compounds from the real world, but with their own style of The Sims.

These Elements are very interesting and have different compositions that are worth having as an exhibition, especially if you dedicate yourself to being a Scientist, since surely you will have to handle this type of thing for inventions. It's not an easy task to find the Elements, but in our complete guide to The Sims 4

How to get the Elements in The Sims 4

To acquire these Elements it is necessary to take into account the Collection of Metals and the Collection of Crystals , since these objects are responsible for generating the compounds we are looking for . In fact, if you manage to complete either of these two collections, it will be easier to overcome the Elements compilation. In order to obtain them you have to follow these steps:

  • Find a Metal or Crystal .
  • Get the sample .
  • Once you have the sample, click on it to interact in the action "call the Geology Committee for sample". You can do this from the Inventory.
  • The Geology Committee will give you all the information on the Crystals and Metals that you have sent for analysis. They will tell you the types of Elements that can be obtained and the proportion that each of them have.
  • After this, you have to interact with the Show by clicking on "Send to Committee" .

The Sim will send the Metal or Crystal Sample through the House Mailbox. After a few hours or days, the mail will arrive and you will have to check the mailbox to get the Items . These will be added directly to the character's inventory and from there you can place them in the world to display them or use the Table of Elements to have all the compounds that go there. It should be noted that these items do not grant Sims any kind of excitement or advantage.

All Elements in The Sims 4

There are a total of 15 Items available to search, and an additional one that is only in the The Sims 4: Get to Work! Expansion, all are obtained from different Metals and Crystals that you can see in the following list.

Elements - Common

  • Alcineate: Obtenium and Ozinoldo.
  • Melacunio: Flamenconio, Pirita and Romantio.
  • Ocinate: Beiconite, Mortal Metal and Ozinoldo.
  • Oxipín: Furio and Pusilánio.
  • Phozonio: Musical Metal, Phozonita and Pirita.
  • Pringuecio: Metal Musical, Obtenio and Platinio.
  • Selio: Alcrón, Tristonio, Utranio and Simtanio.
  • Sidrolino: Alcrón and Beiconita.
  • Volentón: Llorolio and Socialita.

Elements - Uncommon

  • Platio: Lorolio, Mortal Metal and Platinium.
  • Lupio: Ironio and Simtanio.
  • Perilio: Flamenconio, Romantio and Socialita.

Elements - Unusual

  • Critacurio: Llorolio.
  • Firaxio: Furio and Tristonio.
  • Plumbobio: Romantio, Tristonio and Simtanio.

Elements - The Sims 4: Get to Work!

There is only one element in this expansion, it is obtained from Metals and Crystals or by interacting with it through the Chemical Analyzer:

  • Xenopetrium.

In this collection there are many interesting things that you are sure to love to show in your home or laboratory .

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