How to collect all fossils in The Sims 4


How to collect all fossils in The Sims 4

Metals are not the only collectibles that are related to mining and archeology in The Sims 4 , as there are also fossils, certain elements obtained from remains or ancient things that give signs of important historical events in the world. For all adventurous players, this is an achievement that definitely needs to be met to determine how far you've come on your travels, especially if your Sim is dedicated to being a scientist.

There are a variety of these items scattered around the world, these preserve parts of the monsters, prehistoric animals and other things like that that exist in the universe of the franchise. The truth is that having this collection will make you have several interesting and striking objects in your house, in addition, because they are a bit difficult to find, you will be able to proudly show them to your friends. If you have not managed to obtain each of the fossils, in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to show you how to get them and which ones are available in the game.

How to find fossils in The Sims 4

Fossils are a collection worth completing if you are trying to earn rewards and achievements. Unlike Crystals and Metals, Fossils are obtained through Fossil Deposits , also known as "Fossil Nodes." These are Stones that have certain figures and bones protruding from them. There is no method as such that gives the exact parameters to find them, since they are usually acquired by exploring various parts of the worlds. They can be searched on the surface of the ground or in piles of earth where they can be excavated.

Once a Fossil Deposit is found, you have to interact with it by selecting "Excavate". Immediately a Rock with Fossil will be saved in your inventory, so you have to look for it there, select it and click on "Extract Fossil". In this way, you will acquire a random fossil that will be added to your inventory. It is difficult to find Fossil Deposits, but if you go to secret places such as the Silvestre Glade , the Hermit's Refuge or the Forgotten Grotto .

Another interesting thing about this is that sometimes the Fossil Beds will grant you Treasure Maps that will help you get other collectibles, such as MySims figures.

All types of fossils in The Sims 4

There are a total of 15 collectible fossils, there are no types of rarities in these items, they all maintain a moderate search difficulty. With effort and dedicating yourself to travel to various places, you will surely acquire all the ones you need. Next, we leave you a list with the names of each fossil:

  • Prehistoric bird.
  • Hilariously small tyrannosaurus arms.
  • Pre-press head.
  • Fossilized alien skull.
  • Velociraptor claw.
  • Prehistoric footprint.
  • Fossilized egg.
  • Fossilized plant print.
  • Fossilized sim hand.
  • Fossilized sea monster.
  • Perfectly preserved mustache.
  • Prehistoric stone.
  • Huge trilobites.
  • Fossilized Udder.
  • It will be fossilized.

Despite the fact that there is no arareza among these articles, there are some that are a little more difficult to acquire , although if you follow the advice that we have recommended so far, you will surely be able to overcome this incredible collection.

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