How to collect all Geodes in The Sims 4: Get to Work!


How to collect all Geodes in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

As well as bringing you exciting new jobs, The Sims 4: Get to Work! It also includes a variety of new content that is worth getting to know the most. One of these things is Aliens, who can apparently start invading planet Earth to interact with human Sims.

Obviously, these are beings come from another world that can be explored so that we can find new things and discover the secrets of outer space like the Geodes. These are considered as collectibles similar to the stones of the Earth, but each one of them has a history that defines it and is linked to some extraterrestrial legend . If you still don't know how to find them, in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to show you how to complete it.

How to get Geodes in The Sims 4

Geodes are one of the most difficult objects to obtain, since you literally have to travel to the alien planet in order to obtain them. This is known as Sixam, it is the place where extraterrestrial beings live and there are 2 ways to get here, through a Wormhole Generator or through a Space Rocket that can be improved to have that function that is going to allow it to move to the planet.

Geodes appear similar to Crystal, Metal, and Fossil Deposits . These manifest themselves anywhere in Sixam, they have a shape similar to that of a shiny gray chess pawn as if it were a rock. When you find it, you have to interact with it by clicking on "Collect Geode" , it will be added directly to the character's inventory and from there you have to interact with it by clicking on "Polishing Geode" in order to obtain the collection fragment, since when you obtain it it is added only as an Unpolished Geode.

All Geodes in The Sims 4

In total there are 6 different Geodes , and although they are few, they are difficult to find. They all have a different color and history, so here is the information about them:

  • Starflake : tells the story of Xur Corbuto, also known as the Authentic Blue, who together with the ancient clans managed to give the most legendary party celebrated in Sixam where all the inhabitants were, except for the spoiler Glumbuto.
  • Corbuto: tells the story of Glumbuto, someone who is bored, bitter, tight-fisted and spoilsport. They named this rock in his honor for its interesting way of doing it.
  • Glumbuto: tells the story of Mylom, an alien who wore his bald spot centuries ago when the bubble drink was created that made everyone start to suffer from alopecia until it became fashionable thanks to him and that is why aliens are bald.
  • Mylom - tells the story of Zarinne, the greatest dancer of all time who became popular for her flashy performances in the Funkistan colony.
  • Bumble Eye - Tells the story of the Duchess of Hiatoid, an alien who stumbled upon a snack at her coronation and became the intergalactic sensation. According to the aliens, when you see the Geode well, you can see this same snack.
  • Zarinne - tells the story of an ancient creature that used to scare beings passing through the realm of dreams. These are extinct and the Geode shows the eye of this creature.
Each of these Geodes can be placed in the world for Sims to gain Centering excitement, which can help develop various activities.

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