How to collect all the Magic Beans in The Sims 4: And The Magic Kingdom


How to collect all the Magic Beans in The Sims 4: And The Magic Kingdom

Something interesting about the wizards in The Sims 4: And The Magic Kingdom is that they have a lot of relationship with elements of Harry Potter, such as creating potions, manipulating curses or even learning new magic tricks . However, in this strange world of magicians there are also the Magic Beans, which are certain edible sweets that give characteristics to the user who ingests them and have very particular flavors.

Previously, collecting Magic Beans was part of one of the challenges of the Simagrestes and lasted for a limited time until the June 2018 update arrived where they were integrated as a general collection of the game to be met. Now things have changed a bit and finding these special items may be a bit more difficult. However, there are some very effective ways to get them and we will explain them to you in our complete guide to The Sims 4 .

How to find Magic Beans in The Sims 4: And The Magic Kingdom

The collections are of the utmost importance to obtain this great achievement, and the Magic Beans will allow your Sim to change emotions quickly depending on their color. To be able to find them, all you need is to reach level 10 of Gardening , since with this you will be able to unlock the option to buy unusual seeds. When you get to this point, follow these steps:

  • Go to the computer.
  • Click on «Buy Seeds» .
  • Select "Unusual Seed Package . "

You have to keep in mind that the Magic Beans appear in the Unusual Seeds Package randomly, so you will have to invest a lot of money until each of them appear. When the Unusual Seed Packs arrive you have to place them in the world from the Inventory and open them. If you invest time doing this, you will surely be able to acquire the complete collection , and the repeated ones you will be able to use to eat and experience the sensation that these enchanted sweets can give your Sim.

All the types of Magic Beans in The Sims 4: And The Magic Kingdom

Magic Beans are relatively large and spiral upward, like an ice cream cone. These differ mainly by color, there are 6 and each one of them gives an effect on the emotions and they are of Common rarity. Next, we leave you the list of these Magic Beans:

  • Angry Jew (Red).
  • Jewish Vacilona (Purple).
  • Sad Bean (Navy Blue).
  • Uncomfortable Bean (Orange).
  • Coquette Bean (Rosa).
  • Safe Bean (Blue).

When you get them, you will complete the collection, usually the players place them in an object called "Magic Trunk" that can be obtained in Build Mode and that Simaimagrestes or Simplants usually have a lot. This wooden log has exactly 6 holes where you can place the Magic Beans and thus display your collection in style anywhere in your home. 

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