How to collect all Space Impressions in The Sims 4


How to collect all Space Impressions in The Sims 4

In addition to the Space Rocks, Crystals and Aliens, other collectibles that go hand in hand with these are the Space Impressions from The Sims 4 . If you like everything in the galaxy , your Sim can translate it into different posters that can be displayed as works of art that show various events that take place in outer space.

Of course, these Space Prints will make your house look different and have a particular atmosphere in it. Your search requires a lot of work, but you are sure to have fun doing it if you consider the tips that we have compiled in our complete guide to The Sims 4 . Below, you can see all the information you need.

How to get Space Impressions in The Sims 4

The only thing you need to start with the Space Impressions collection is a Telescope, you can buy it from Build Mode. The results of the investigations that the character does will depend on the schedule in which he uses the Telescope. During the day you can use the interaction "Observe the sky" and at night "Look at the stars" , both serve to acquire the Space Impressions. However, to have a better chance of getting them and unlocking new ones, it is recommended that your Sim have the "Focused" emotion active and do these actions with this bonus.

In the case of Unusual Spatial Impressions there is only one way to obtain them and that is by having a level 7 in the Logic skill , which you can develop by playing cards or chess and reading books on the subject. Also, you have to be focused on that to be able to select the "Seek Truth" interaction . To stay focused you can use potions , do actions that have the ability to activate said emotion for several hours or use tricks that can grant you the state of Centering .

It is important that you take into account the improvements of the Telescope , they will not give you more chances of finding the Space Impressions, but if they will make your character investigate faster and this will not be damaged over time by all the use that you go to give. There are 3 upgrades and they require several pieces that you can buy from the Computer.

All Space Impressions in The Sims 4

There are a total of 15 Space Prints that are collectible, and they are divided by types of rarities. Below, you can see their names and the price in Simoleons they have.

Space Impressions - Common

  • Undisputed star - 140 Simoleons.
  • Classy Rocket - 105 Simoleons.
  • Red, who loves you - 110 Simoleons.
  • Incomprehensible irony - 125 Simoleons.
  • The Planet of the Rodents - 115 Simoleons.
  • Universal debacle - 135 Simoleons.
  • Standard space - 130 simoleons.

Space Impressions - Uncommon

  • Astral Lovers - 210 Simoleons.
  • Multicolored delirium - 285 Simoleons.
  • Cloudy Panorama - 265 Simoleons.
  • Saturnian Seduction - 290 Simoleons.
  • Dream About Plesiosaurs - 215 Simoleons.

Space Impressions - Unusual

  • Alien Return - 475 Simoleons.
  • Stellar Future - 495 Simoleons.
  • Tyrannosaurus Nebula - 465 Simoleons.
All Space Prints can be sold to obtain Simoleons, in fact, selling the entire collection gives a total of 3560 Simoleons . You can sell repeated Space Prints for extra income to buy new things for your home or invest in Telescope upgrades . 

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