How to complete the "Game of Moxie" in Deathloop and get the "Rapier" with infinite ammo

How to complete the "Game of Moxie" in Deathloop and get the "Rapier" with infinite ammo

 Completing all the puzzles in the Moxie building and getting a rifle with infinite ammo

While exploring Downtown, in the afternoon you can find a huge building with another game by Charlie Montagu, which is called "Moxie". Its winner is promised a big prize, so why should the Colt ignore such a great opportunity? In total, Moxie contains 6 puzzles, and in this guide I will show you how to solve each and what rewards to expect.

Where to find "Moxie" in Deathloop

Moxie is a white building located on the lower level of Downtown, right next to one of the tunnels Colt enters and leaves the area in the afternoon. As soon as you go inside, you will see a button right in front of you. Click on it to hear a summary of the event hosted by Charlie Montague, who will talk about two sides of the game.

There are three floors on the left side, and they all contain laser traps that must be overcome in the spirit of Mission: Impossible. Your task is to dodge and bypass every trap, reaching the opposite side. On the right side of the location are puzzles with illuminated tiles. Using only them, you need to get to the opposite end of the room.

In both cases, the task seems to be as simple as possible, but there is one peculiarity. All 6 puzzles must be solved in a strictly allotted time. This is the only way to win the main prize. It is almost impossible to complete this task without "Offset". This ingot can be knocked out of Charlie Montague or Julianne (it drops out randomly from the girl). In addition, you will also need an upgrade to this ingot called "Long Arms", which will increase the teleportation range.

First floor

The simplest tasks await you on the ground floor, but it won't be easy anyway. On the left side, you can try to bypass the lasers, jump over, duck, and so on. However, it is best to abuse the presence of the Displacement Ingot and move forward as if there were no lasers at all. Bend down and make your way under the first beam, then teleport through the next row of 5 beams moving from side to side. If you pass without the Long Arms upgrade, move forward as soon as the nearest beam moves away. Move deep enough for the standard Offset teleport distance.

As for the pressure plates on the right, they light up in blocks of 3 pieces and move one cell in your direction every second. You can jump between them, taking into account the movement right on the go. Once you are about three-quarters of the way, use offset and work your way up.

Second floor

This time, the pressure plates will be on the left side. We can say that the task with them is even easier than on the floor below. A solid block of glowing tiles moves one square left or right every second, and you just need to time your jump to move between tiles. Attempts to use double jump can play a cruel joke on you. Work your way forward about three quarters and then use offset.

Then move to the right where the lasers are now. This time, just jump over the first laser, use teleportation to move forward and follow the moving beam to the left. Dive under the next laser beam and use offset to hit the very end.

Third floor

On the top floor, the lasers will again be on the left, and the slabs on the right. To pass the third set of laser beams, you need to perform three quick combinations. If you look into the middle of the room, you can see three sets of rays moving forward and backward, with the two outer ones moving in the opposite direction to the one in the middle.

Aim the offset at the space left by the lasers to the left or right, and then activate the offset. Shortly thereafter, aim with the offset into the space behind the lasers on the opposite side of the room, thereby zigzagging and avoiding both beams. Finally, you will be at a sufficient distance to move to the end of the room.

As for the third set of pressure plates, it is much simpler than it seems at first glance. Basically, the beginning and end of the puzzle is the same as on the lower floor, where the blocks move in one long row. Start in the same way as before, then with an offset overcome the chaotically scattered cubes in the middle part to get to the pressure panels, which again turn into one moving line. Then you can teleport to the button.

If you complete all six Moxie puzzles in the set time, you will be able to get the main prize - a rapier with infinite ammunition! True, the ammunition in it will not run out under one condition - if all your bullets reach the target. Check with the residents as soon as possible!

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