How to create a Plumbot in The Sims 4: College Days


How to create a Plumbot in The Sims 4: College Days

In The Sims 4, characters can do amazing things with their abilities, from creating potions to even reviving loved ones with a few tricks. Scientists aren't the only ones who can make inventions, though, as Sims can learn to create robots in The Sims 4: College Days expansion.

These are known as Plumbots, they are species of androids that have characteristics that resemble human Sims and work for different things. These are mostly created by university students , you just have to know what are the steps to build it and thus get to have your own Plumbot in your domestic unit. To do this, we have compiled all the information you need in our complete guide to The Sims 4 .

What is a Plumbot in The Sims 4: College Days?

In previous titles in the series the Plumbot was known as Servo, they are robots that can do many impressive things, even have various emotions. There are several types and they have an advanced robotic system that is possibly going to make your family have a little more fun.

How to build a Plumbot in The Sims 4: College Days?

Plumbots are built upon reaching Robotics level 5 in The Sims 4: College Days (the higher the level, the better). When you get this experience, you have to buy a Robot Construction Station or a Robotics Workshop that is obtained in Construction Mode. Subsequently, you must collect the following pieces:

  • 2 Piece for plumbing improvement.
  • 5 Piece for kitchen improvement.
  • 10 Piece for electronic improvement.
  • 12 Computer chip.
  • 15 Piece for common improvement.
  • 18 Mechanism.
  • 75 Piece of recycled robotics material.

Most can be purchased from the Computer or the Telephone, and others have to be created directly in the Workshop. When you get all the necessary materials, you have to go to the workshop and build it. By having it ready the Plumbot can be sold or activated, when activated it will be added to your domestic unit as if it were another Sim, but with needs such as Social, Repair, Energy and Fun.

A Plumbot dies when its Durability runs out or when it is wet , as it is sensitive to water. These cannot be revived in any way.

What can a Plumbot do in The Sims 4: College Days?

These robots have the ability to do everything that a Sim can do, although with some limitations , such as not entering places with water, swimming pools, showers, having drinks, having babies and other things like that. However, they can feel emotions such as getting angry, being happy, and also falling in love, even making Ñiqui Ñiqui . They are also capable of learning skills or working in different ways.

How to upgrade a Plumbot in The Sims 4: College Days

In addition to being able to change the appearance and traits of the Plumbot, it can also be upgraded using parts and tools by making the Plumbot learn skills and unlock upgrades. These are divided into 9 levels that determine a percentage of improvements applied to the Plumbot, in fact, when you reach level 3 of improvement you can make the android learn to live alone and not have to depend on a Human Sim to repair it.

If you get to build a Plumbot , surely you are going to obtain advantages in your domestic unit so that you can send it to do actions that you need and without worrying much about the needs that this type of being requires.

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