How to create a private game in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to create a private game in Call of Duty: Mobile

 Call of Duty Mobile is characterized by the game of rounds between unknown people. However, inviting friends to private games is much more interesting. This option consists of gathering a maximum of 10 friends to access everything else easily . Here are the steps to create a private game within Call of Duty Mobile.

Tutorial to create a private game in Call of Duty Mobile

First you must go to the option called Multiplayer , located on the right side of the beginning. It should be noted that in Battle Royale there are no private games, this means that you must carry out a team match.

Then you will find a menu where you must select the mode you want to play. In this case, press the «private» button . Then a room should appear where you will be alone, so you can also go to the settings to configure the game as you prefer. In the same way, invite your friends to enter the lobby, and once inside, start the game.

Among the options that you can configure is the number of viewers , the time and the password.

On the other hand, if all 10 players are not found, the game can be started with just two . That is, we will have to configure a 1 against 1 game according to our preferences. The spaces that cannot be covered will be filled with bots or even played with them. You should also keep in mind that this is a slightly later round on reduced maps.

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