How to download Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS


How to download Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS

It is no secret to anyone that the title of Call of Duty: Mobile since its launch in 2019 was a total success. It is for this reason that it has obtained infinities of downloads and even competing with such famous games as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite , so you probably know that it is currently available for Android and iOS. Here's everything about how to download Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS .

Quick and easy download Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS

Before starting, the first thing you should know is that like any game of this style, it has minimum requirements to function properly. Taking into account that there are different requirements for each operating system, for example for iOS it is necessary to have at least 2GB of RAM, its version must be 9.0 or higher, among other requirements.

Once you are clear about this, you can start with the download, taking into account that it is executed through the store of your device. In this case, you only have to access the «App Store» , once there you will have to place in the search bar the name of the game to download, which for the moment is «Call of Duty: Mobile» .

Later, the game in question will appear and you will only have to press the download button . The download and installation will automatically begin and as soon as it is finished you will be able to start playing without any problem.

Of course, you will have to access the game and follow the instructions indicated by it , bearing in mind that these are usually very simple and easy to understand. After this, you can start on this adventure offered by the new game Call of Duty: Mobile.

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