In NBA 2K22, you're going to need VC to level up your MyCareer player, so we're giving you some methods to earn some fast.

One of the most popular modes for NBA 2K22 players is MyCareer, which allows you to develop your own player and decide your fate.

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How to get VCs in NBA 2K22?

Play NBA matches in MyCareer

This method is surely one of the most profitable, by playing 5 minute quarter times you will gain more than 700 VC in less than 15 minutes the first season then more than 1500 VC per game from the second.

In addition, as you advance in the season you will be signing sponsorship deals that will earn you over 4000 VC at a time.

If you want to reduce the length of your matches, make mistakes . After two faults, your coach takes you out the entire first quarter time then after four, he will not let you in until the third quarter time. But be careful, because if you make six faults you will then be permanently excluded and you will not win any VC.

Complete quests and challenges

Every day new quests and challenges are added in MyCareer allowing you to earn thousands of VCs. Most of the time, quests are easily done, but if you get stuck feel free to create a player specifically to complete quests .

Take part in 2KTV interactive shows

Every week 2K releases an interactive show with polls and questions that earn you around 1,500 VC . Each survey reports 100 VC and each correct answer gives 200 VC, the answers are easily found online. 

Play in Ante-up mode

If you are proficient in MyCareer mode, you can try to win big on the ante-up betting lots . If you win, you double your bet and if you lose you go empty-handed.

Of course, there are undoubtedly more effective methods, but these should prove to be quite effective when you start your adventure.

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