How to find all Phia pictograms in Deathloop


How to find all Phia pictograms in Deathloop

During the passage of Deathloop, you will encounter the task "Afternoon Joys", during which you will have to visit the Phii fortress on the Fristad cliff location and find 4 pictograms according to the suggested clues.

I must say that these tips will always be random. Some of them may be the same as those of other gamers, others you might not see at all. And the fact is that there are 14 hidden icons in the Phii fortress, and only four of them need to be interacted with in order to successfully complete the quest and find the correct symbols.

A pictogram is a wall drawing made with paint. All pictograms are shown in green on red. Even if you walk up and click on the wrong icon, nothing happens: Colt will say that this is the wrong choice, and you just have to continue on.

Please note that Phia, if someone spots you, will immediately try to blow up the reactor. If this happens, the cycle will be restarted. On the other hand, it will take about two minutes before the explosion, and you will have time to neutralize it (more details in our separate guide) .

Here are all the icons and their tips (some tips have been translated, so we'd be glad to see your comments for correction):

  • "Desires strength": we are talking about the fact that energy is needed to obtain this pictogram. Enter Fee's fortress through the large doors, kill the enemies in front and you will see a cage with red lasers at the top in the right corner. There is a battery in the room on the right. Take it and install it in the slot by the cage. Open the cage and examine the pictogram on the wall ahead.
  • "Serves the main hall": enter the fortress through the left gate (or right, and then move into the corridor on the left) and move along the main corridor. This path leads to a large hall with a reactor. You don't need to go there. Somewhere halfway along the corridor on the right wall there will be the necessary pictogram.
  • "Animates lockers": go to the hall with the reactor, go up the stairs on the right behind the entrance and enter the locker room on the left. A pictogram is shown directly opposite the entrance.
  • "Slides along the trunk": at the beginning of the fortress, where you will get through the large gate, there are boards to the right of the cell with the first icon from our list. Break them, go into the elevator shaft and jump onto the hill on the right. The pictogram is on the wall in the corner.

I will indicate other pictograms without prompts, since they simply could not get to me (since I completed the quest with the descriptions above). So, to find other icons, enter Phia's bunker through the entrance at the top of the cliff. From the place where you appeared, go to the right. Turn left and go up the slope. Please note that there will be many mines and laser traps here. This will take you to the turret above the bunker. There is an entrance under it. That is, it is located above the main gate of the bunker. If you go through the gate, it will lead to confusion and the description below will be inappropriate. So do as we do.

So, the rest of the icons:

  • Immediately after entering the bunker through the upper door, look for the pictogram on the wall to the left in the first room you enter.
  • Inside a room with a battery and a charging station. You need to jump down the elevator shaft (along the way there will be an icon "slides along the trunk"), exit it and look to the left. There is a pictogram on the wall behind the white door. And opposite this room is a locked cell that requires a battery (described above). And there is an icon "wants strength".
  • There is an armored truck in the long corridor leading to the reactor room. Look for another pictogram under them. You need to go to the observation hole under the car.
  • Another pictogram is depicted on the floor near the button that opens one of the two inner huge gates of the bunker (an alternative entrance to the Phii fortress).
  • There is another pictogram behind the adjacent gate. This time - above the red button that opens these very inner gates of the Phii fortress.
  • In the long corridor that leads to the room with the reactor, go up to the bridge to the left, where the camera is. Go into the room with the workbench, break the windows on the right and climb through them to the place where there is another pictogram on the floor. This is right at the exit of the bunker (on the other side of the complex).
  • Turn around and look at the window through which you climbed here. There will be a pictogram above it. Then return to the main hall with the reactor. Upstairs in the dressing room there is a pictogram that we talked about in the first part of the list.
  • Another pictogram is hidden on the wall behind the reactor, below, under the rooms with Phia.
  • Pay attention to the doorway opposite the reactor. To his left, on the wall, is the penultimate pictogram.
  • In the hall with the reactor, in the corner, look for a door that is locked and requires electricity. It depicts the abbreviation HZN. Right in front of the door, between the equipment racks, there is the last pictogram on the floor.
Thus, if you are undecided on the tips, use our list and quickly go over all the icons. Interact with each of them. Now you know how to find all Phia icons in Deathloop !

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