How to find the mermaid and merman grotto in The Sims 4: Island Living


How to find the mermaid and merman grotto in The Sims 4: Island Living

The world of humans is quite impressive in The Sims 4 , but when it comes to the mermaid habitat it is simply majestic . Living in the sea communicating with the fish and enjoying the best landscapes is something that is undoubtedly worth it, but to be able to spend an unlimited time exploring in the waters, first you have to find a Sirénica Alga that can turn you into a mermaid or a newt .

To do this, it is necessary to look for the cave of the mermaids and mermen, also known as the cave of Mua Pel'am in Sulani. In this place you can explore to find said special object, as well as to discover new things about the maritime world. If you still have not been able to find it, here we show you where this interesting place is hidden with the steps that we explain in the complete guide of The Sims 4 .

Finding Mua Pel'am's Cave in The Sims 4

This cave is located in Sulani, on the island that is in the upper right part of the map. It is recommended that you go mainly to the Admiral Shipwreck because it is the place that is closest to the objective. When you arrive, walk forward and you will find the cave, to identify it, it has a graffiti of aquatic animals at the entrance. At first all you can do is Explore , but then the following actions are unlocked:

  • Discover wildlife.
  • Discover monuments.

Every time you enter the cave your Sim will find something different, such as shells, fish and impressive encounters that give the character a good mood. 

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