How to find tar in Valheim and craft dark wood items


How to find tar in Valheim and craft dark wood items

An update for Valheim was released on September 16, titled Hearth & Home. It added additional game mechanics and resources to the game. In this guide, we'll show you where you can get tar and how to make dark wood items with it.

To survive in the harsh world of Valheim, you need to not only fight and collect resources, but also engage in construction. The game provides extensive opportunities for building a house and landscaping the area next to it. We talked about construction in more detail in the feature article. We paid special attention to large and tall houses, which can collapse if you make a mistake.

The Hearth and Home update added new building elements to the game. The stone throne is available to you from the very beginning, and in order to obtain blueprints for buildings made of dark wood, you need to get a special resource - tar. Below we will tell you where to find it.

How to find (where to find) find tar in Valheim?

With the Hearth and Home update, tar pits have been added to Valheim's open world. You can find them in the plains, in random places. We talked about biomes in more detail in a separate guide. Please note that pits will only appear in unexplored territory that has not yet been marked on your map. If you have already explored the entire surrounding area, it will be difficult to find tar pits. Better to start the game over.

How to find (where to find) find tar in Valheim?

There is also an alternative option that will help those who have already explored the entire territory. Just open the entire map and then close it using console commands. But keep in mind that on some servers, such actions can be equated with cheating.

How to get tar in Valheim from undergrowth?

When you get close to the pitch pit, overgrowth will attack you. They are quite strong, so it is advisable to first get the best armor and eat food that increases the health scale. 

An alternative option is to defend against the attacks of the undergrowth with a shield, wait until it ends, and then beat them with a silver sword. In this case, you will need a lot of stamina. You can increase it to the maximum with the help of special food. 

A little tar falls out of each undergrowth. After a while, they will reappear near the tar pit.

How to get tar from the tar bog in Valheim?

If you just go down into the pit, you will get stuck in it and your travel speed will drop dramatically. To prevent this from happening, the swamp must first be drained. You will need a pickaxe.

Use this tool to dig a long gutter. It is desirable that it be on a slight slope. Then connect it to the pit and wait for the water to drain. All that remains is to go down to the bottom and collect the tar.

How do I get dark wood? How to craft dark wood items?

There is no separate resource in the game called "dark wood". However, after you get the tar for the first time, new blueprints will open, among which there will be buildings made of dark wood. Just go to the workbench and open the build mode.

List of new buildings:

  • Dark wood gate . They are large double doors.
  • Slate roof . The same shapes and sizes are available. as for the standard roof.
  • Dark wood pillars, beams, carved partitions and arches . By analogy with the roof, these are the same objects as before, only darker.
  • Raven and wolf (decorations) . These are decor items.
  • Dark wood tables and chairs .
  • Bathroom . It gives additional comfort to your home, and if you climb into it, you will get the effect of relaxation.

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