How to get all unique weapons in Deathloop

How to get all unique weapons in Deathloop

 The location of each unique weapon in the game

There are several types of weapons on Black Reef. In this guide, we'll break down each one, and then we'll show you how to get 4 unique guns.

11 missable iconic weapons
11 missable iconic weapons

Basic weapon

Any basic firearm is divided into 3 categories of rarity - common (colorless background), uncommon (blue background), and rare (purple background). Colt can only have one melee weapon - a machete, which you pick up almost at the very beginning of the game. The degree of rarity not only improves the characteristics of the weapon, but also unlocks additional slots for key fobs. Common rarity allows you to use one keychain, blue - two, purple (and yellow) - three.

Basic weapons include:

  • PT-6 ‘Spiker’ - Silent Nail Launcher
  • Tribunal - silenced firearm
  • LIMP 10 - rapid-fire submachine gun (found at the beginning of the game)
  • The Fourpounder-barreled pistol
  • Rapier rifle - ideal for long range attacks
  • Shotgun "Vopat Trencher"
  • Machine gun "Strelak 50-50"
  • Machine gun "MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’"
  • And four unique weapons

How to get the unique "CONSTANCY AUTOMATIC" slot machine

An amazing weapon with an instant reload. It has two clips, so you can reload and shoot at the same time. In addition, the last shots inflict additional damage (apparently, we are talking about the last cartridges from the clip). Has three slots for key fobs.

Complete the All Night Long quest to get the CONSTANCY AUTOMATIC Assault Rifle. A task is activated inside Francis's rock club, next to his recording studio. There you will find yourself in the storyline task "Ballad of Balagur Frank". Kill Frank. He will only come out after you show yourself through the armored glass and kill all the reinforcements that have arrived! Take the machine gun from the corpse of Colt's friend.

How to get unique twin pistols "STRELAK VERSO"

You can use this weapon as two twin pistols in both hands, or choose something else in your left hand, combining the pistols into one submachine gun with huge damage (but it shoots in short bursts, which, however, are enough to kill any target ). Has three slots for key fobs. Due to the "Dualist" skill, inflicting damage in one firing mode (for example, from twin pistols), you gradually increase the damage in another. That is, when switching from twin pistols to a submachine gun, you will inflict much more damage on the enemy. And vice versa. That is, this weapon encourages a constant change between twin pistols and submachine gun. Effect resets on recharge!

To get twin pistols, you need to complete the mission "Common cause". To do this, wait until noon and follow to the complex. There you need to go through the nearest parking lot, if you wish, kill enemies and enter a large bunker. When you find yourself in its central part, at the crossroads, the quest will start. On the right there is a passage to the room where you need to install the battery. You will need multiple batteries. Two are lying under the charging station and another is inserted into the projector on which you watched the video at the beginning of the game.

Insert the battery into the socket of the round room. Bring two more with you. Turn the round room by pressing the red button. Clear the building by killing all enemies. Be careful, there are many mines and red streamers, and there is a turret in the armory. Find the stairs leading down. By the way, there is a searchlight with a battery behind one of the exits from the round room. Spare! Go downstairs with one battery and find a room with a connector in the far corner. Install it and inside the room you will find the code from the armory. In the armory itself there is a "blue" arrow. Go back with the battery, go down below and see a second round room. Place the battery in the slot and bring two more from the previous circular room with you. Turn the second circular room and find the door to the ammunition depot here, where there are four connectors. One battery is inserted and you need to place three more. By the way, there is a searchlight in the corridor with another battery. Take away the weapon - two unique twin pistols "SEPULCHRA BRETEIRA". Can be used as two twin pistols or one submachine gun.

How to get the unique HERITAGE GUN

You can switch between two shooting modes. By default, you fire gas cartridges that create a poisonous cloud. And then you can switch to a shot, which, upon contact with a poisonous cloud, initiates a powerful explosion. Has three slots for key fobs.

You need to visit Karl’s Bay at night to encounter Karl’s  merrymaking. He will offer you to play "Super Shifty", and if you win, you will receive a unique HERITAGE GUN as a reward. To get started, head to the building in the center of the area, before hangars 01 and 02. It is only open at night. Kill the enemies, go inside and you will see a cannon hidden inside the display case. There is a map to the right of it. The flashing lights indicate the still unopened cardboard boxes of the present. The gift can be a bomb or some kind of keychain. That is, whenever you open such a box, be sure to run away from it.

In the case of boxes, there are two tricky places. The first is hangar 02. The box will be inactive, and you will have to lower several levers in the correct order:

  • First, lower the lever near the box.
  • Then go to the other side of the plane and activate the lever on the left.
  • Go even further. Cross over to another plane (inside which was Harriet) and go down to the ledge with the third lever.
  • Climb onto the same plane, run to the right along the second floor, return to the central plane and jump to the left. There will be the next lever at the beginning of the room.
  • Once again, along the main plane, climb to the second floor on the right, turn immediately to the right and in a dark corner near the cliff you will find the penultimate lever.
  • Return to the central plane and activate the last lever.

After that, you will need to go to the fortress in the lower left part of the map. The light indicates the rocks, but in reality the box is hidden under the fortress. Go there and see a decorative jungle. Pull down the lever to get inside. The timer starts. In three minutes you need to find the password and enter it on the code door on the left. The bar has hints. The first is right at the door. The red risk shows the position of the digit in the four-digit code, and the red sector on the dial is the numerical value. There is another clue to the right of the door (needs to be connected). The other two are on the second floor. With one I did not understand (there was a half that indicated the third position and it was clear that the desired number was on the right side of the dial). By connecting another, I got the first digit. Thus, I had three numbers, and already the fourth I picked up at random. My code is 0321,

As soon as you open all the boxes (some of them will be opened by the residents), return to the map and see that the door to the right of it is now open (there are lights above it that indicate how many boxes are open). Smash the boards in front and disable the neutralizer using the burglar. Thanks to this, you will be able to use ingots everywhere. Then you need to activate the levers in the correct order:

  • Activate the lever on the first floor, near the hole in the wall that was boarded up by boards.
  • Avoiding the blue lasers, go upstairs, follow to the far corner past the beams and climb to the second floor along the boxes. This is where the second desired lever will be.
  • Turn around, walk past the vertical blue beams, turn the corner to the left to overcome the beam obstacles and activate the lever in front.
  • Turn around and go over the same two obstacles to activate the fourth lever.
  • Return to the second lever, which was activated when you climbed the boxes. Jump down to the first floor and activate the lever in the corner, near the roller shutters and the red circles depicted on them.
  • Run to the lever by the stairs leading down and activate it.
  • Go back up the boxes in the far corner of the first floor, as you did on the way to the second lever (the first on this list). Walk past the vertical beams, climb over the two obstacles in the center of the second floor and turn right to the last lever.

How to get a unique sniper rifle "SEPULCHRA BRETEIRA"

Allows you to switch between two modes of firing range (zoom in while aiming) and hold your breath for a long time to make more accurate shots. Only this weapon has a telescopic sight! Has three slots for key fobs.

Weapons can be obtained from the quest "New surprises". If you go to Downtown in the afternoon (for me it happened in the second half of the game), then one of the ideologists should get in touch. He has prepared a gift for you. Follow the marker and look into the large box. Deal with the ambush: enemies will be everywhere, including on the roofs and in the windows of buildings. After that, go up to the indicated building, to the second floor, and take the sniper rifle.

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