How to get a code from delivery kiosks in Deathloop


How to get a code from delivery kiosks in Deathloop

You may have already noticed that there are several delivery kiosks scattered throughout the Black Reef in Deathloop. There is one at every playable location. In this guide, I will tell you how to unlock access and find the code for delivery kiosks in Downtown, The Complex, Charles Bay and Fristad Rock.

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Fortunately, each delivery kiosk has the same code, which does not change with the transition to a new cycle. This way, once you define the code, you can use the kiosks whenever you want. For example, to deliver a battery from one location to another. Although to me, frankly, they never came in handy.

To receive the code from the kiosk, visit the Phii Fortress on Fristad Rock at noon. For example, you will get there on the mission "Afternoon Joys" . There is a reactor in the back room. Above him is Phia's room. Sneak your way there and kill Phia herself. There is a broken delivery kiosk in the room that precedes Phia's quarters. To the left of it is a board, and a code is displayed on it. Remember it and manually enter it at any delivery kiosk. After that, you can automatically type in the code at any kiosk in the game. Now you know the code for the delivery kiosks in Deathloop !

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