How to get an elevation building permit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


How to get an elevation building permit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The building license is one of the most interesting options that Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes . Thanks to this tool you can modify the terrain offered by the default title, with which you can transform your island as you wish to place all the elements as you wish without any type of limits. This includes the different types of terrain, both on the flat and on the ones that the rivers pass and, in addition, the elevated terrain that is only accessible with ramps or the staircase until you purchase this option.

What to do to get modified elevated terrain in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Obviously, the first thing you need is the construction license on the Nookófono , otherwise you will not be able to make any modifications on the ground. To do this, you have to get Totakeke to perform the concert on your island , thus ending the main missions. After the credit titles, you will be granted the aforementioned license, although only on flat ground. To be able to make modifications to elevated terrain and thus create or eliminate slopes, you must go to the Nook terminal of the neighborhood management center and exchange Nook miles for the elevation works license option. You have to bear in mind that it will cost you no less than 4000 miles, so it is quite a significant investment. Once you obtain the license, you just have to press the + button within the Nookófono app and select the one corresponding to the high ground .

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