How to get Parchito or Patchy in The Sims 4: And The Four Seasons


How to get Parchito or Patchy in The Sims 4: And The Four Seasons

The holidays are very important dates for Sims, as they bring good things and special events that are worth participating in. One of the coolest things is the manifestation of certain characters similar to those in real life, such as the Father of Winter on Winter Day (Christmas) or the Flower Bunny in Spring (Easter Day) .

However, it does not end there, there is another very striking character that usually appears at certain festivities, it is called Parchito or Patchy, but it is also known as the Scarecrow , and it is linked to the gardens and their crops. If you've never seen it or are trying to find it, here in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to explain step by step how to see it again.

What is Parchito or Patchy in The Sims 4: And The Four Seasons?

It is a different character from the others that are manifested in the other festivities, since it does not appear in the same way that the Father of Winter or the Bunny of Flowers do. In this case, Parchito is practically an object that comes to life at certain times and thanks to that we can interact in various ways with it.

Where to find Parchito or Patchy in The Sims 4: And The Four Seasons

Because it is an object, Parchito has to be bought and placed at home. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Build Mode.
  • In the Search Engine place "Parchito" or "Patchy".
  • Buy it and place it anywhere on the lot.

By doing this, the Scarecrow will be available to you, although to make it come to life you have to perform a series of actions . Basically you have to interact with him until the friendship bar is completely filled, at first he will move some parts of his body in a very slight and inconsistent way, but when you manage to establish a good friendly relationship, the character will come to life.

When this happens, Parchito will wake up daily to walk or do some things on the site , and after a moment he will return to his object state. You have to keep in mind that when it is an object it has a friendship bar, and when it becomes Sim it has another, so when it gets life, you have to re-establish a friendly, hateful or romantic relationship depending on what you want, although not you can have a baby with this magical being. This same Parchitov is going to be the same everywhere, so if you see him somewhere else, your friendship bar is going to be the same as the one you've set at home.

What can you do with Parchito or Patchy in The Sims 4: And The Four Seasons?

Its function as a Scarecrow is practically nil, since there are not many animals that it has to scare. However, when Parchito comes to life, he can do a variety of things , such as the following:

  • Clean up.
  • Caring for infants or babies.
  • Take out the trash.
When in its object state, it can also provide various benefits such as the following:

  • Unlock Parchito's outfit (by filling the friendship bar).
  • Ask for Gardening tips (when filling the friendship bar).
  • Look for seeds in their pockets.
This is all that you will be able to do if you get to give life to Parchito or Scarecrow , he is a very funny and special character.

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