How to get skins in Call of Duty: Mobile


How to get skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

As in most video games, one of the most common customizations is to use skins, and Call of Duty in its Mobile version is no exception to the rule. Although in most cases these skins are only acquired through payments , but the platform also allows us to obtain some for free, fulfilling some objectives as long as they are available in it.

How can we acquire the Call of Duty: Mobile skins

To obtain them is actually simple, we will have to be very vigilant during each season , since a series of events are carried out that, when exchanged, give us a daily reward, until the day on which the skin to be claimed is available.

You must enter the event option , then press the daily section , then enter "Monthly Login Calendar" and proceed to claim our daily rewards. Keep in mind that each month, we will have a different skin from the previous one.

Another interesting option to acquire skins is through battle royale , although this aspect is known, it distributes the rewards according to the rank obtained by each player. Keep in mind that the lower you make or you are in the best position in the table you will be able to access the master rank II , which is where all the skins we want are generally located.

Do not forget that in order to get more boxes where it is possible to get more skins it is necessary to play daily, especially in the events that are assigned in each season. Mainly in the event we turn on the world, since it will count our games played giving us as a prize a large number of skins.

We must clarify that technically the skins are only aesthetic customizations , but they are still great.

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