How to have two families in The Sims 4?


How to have two families in The Sims 4?

In The Sims 4 there are many things we can do with the members of our domestic unit, as there is even the possibility of turning them into beings such as vampires , wizards and mermaids . This undoubtedly gives us to understand that the game has a large number of actions that we can do throughout the life of the family that we are currently controlling.

Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4
Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4

However, there comes a time when you get bored or simply wish to have a new family apart from the one you have already created. As in other installments, you can have many families created in The Sims 4 , although you may not know how to do it. That is why in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to teach you how to do to have two or more domestic units, either in the same game or in separate games.

How to control two families in The Sims 4

First of all, you have to understand that you cannot control two families at the same time in The Sims 4, but you can have several in the same game, so you can follow the story of one or the other whenever you want. To do this, you have to follow these steps.

Multiple families in the same game of The Sims 4

  • Click on Load Game .
  • Select the game where you want to create several families .
  • Once inside, click on Settings .
  • Select Manage World .
  • Click on Manage Household Units if you want to add, edit, delete or transfer families to places in the world.
  • If you want to create from scratch , select a plot and create a family or choose the option to create a family directly.
  • Create your family.
When you want to start a game with any of the families you have created, you just have to Load Game, select the house where the Domestic Unit is, and start the game.

Multiple Families in Separate Games of The Sims 4

In case you want to have games in different worlds , you have to Create Game from the Start Menu. In this way, you are practically creating a new universe in which only this new family that you are going to create will be. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  • Click on Create Game .
  • Create the members of the Domestic Unit .
  • Start game.
Every time you want to start the game with a certain family, you just have to Load the Game you want .

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