Leveling up your MyCareer player can take quite a long time, so we are giving you some effective ways to quickly level up your player's overall.

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One of the most popular modes for NBA 2K22 players is MyCareer, which allows you to develop your own player and decide your fate.

In order to enjoy a better gaming experience with a more efficient player, we offer you a guide with some methods to progress your MyCareer player quickly.

How to progress quickly in MyCareer on NBA 2K22?

Successful early career 

A good start to your career will allow you to advance your player more quickly. In the Current gen version , you can either skip the prologue and play directly in the NBA or follow the MyCareer mode scenario and play at the university level in order to raise your player's side, win places in the draft and thus sign a better contract that will earn you more VC per match. We advise you to follow the scenario , the adversity is less harsh at the university level, perfect to easily take the game in hand.

On Next gen , you have the choice between starting at university to increase your player's potential, going directly to the G-League to advance your player more quickly or going directly to the NBA draft. On next-gen we advise you to start in G-League in order to win more VC.

Raise your player's general with VC

To win in general you will need VC. Whether on current or next-gen there are a multitude of game modes and quests that yield a lot of VC. In MyCareer mode, NBA and Pro-Am matches are the most profitable.

Farm les badges

When your player has reached a general of 75, it will be necessary to farm badges in order to make your player more efficient. To quickly farm badges, we recommend that you start an NBA match with 12-minute quarter times in Pro difficulty mode and repeat the actions that earn badge points. For example to gain finishing points follow the double steps.

Buy skill boosts

Ability boosts are available for purchase for 200 VC each and 3500 VC for 10. These boosts do not give you additional attributes but increase your player's effectiveness in certain areas of the game. For example, Taking the Shooting Boost increases your player's mid-range and 3pts chance of success, so we recommend purchasing Skill Boosts when you reach a general of at least 80.

Obviously, there are arguably better methods for advancing your player, but these should prove to be quite effective as you begin your adventure.

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