How to introduce yourself to a celebrity in The Sims 4: Get Famous!


How to introduce yourself to a celebrity in The Sims 4: Get Famous!

In addition to being able to become famous in The Sims 4: Get Famous ! We also have the opportunity to make friends that are celebrities and without our Sim being popular. This allows us to create an interesting and very active social circle in which we can be part of important events or events where we are going to acquire popularity or fame thanks to famous people.

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity

In fact, just by being with someone famous we would be generating fame points that can help our character grow in the category of popularity ranks. As in real life, finding celebrities may not be so easy in the game, since you have to know well where they are usually and how to communicate with them so as not to disturb them. That is why in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we are going to give you all the information you need to make famous friends quickly.

Where to find famous The Sims 4: Get Famous !?

Obviously, celebrities are going to show up more on sites around the world of The Sims 4: Get Famous! known as Del Sol Valley. There are 5 specific places that are excellent for finding celebrities:

  • Orchid A-Go-Go.
  • Plumbob Pictures Museum.
  • Pectoral Fitness.
  • Studio PBP.
  • Walk of Diamonds.

However, they would not be the only places where they could be found, since they also tend to stay in important social events, bars, elegant places, or even gyms. Another thing that might work for you is to look for them directly, go to the map, and see which household has famous people. You would have to visit his house and hopefully find him there to meet him, and maybe he will invite you over or have something to eat.

How to meet a celebrity in The Sims 4: Get Famous !?

It is important that when you meet a famous person you are very friendly if you intend for him to help you obtain fame points, or simply if you want him to be a good partner for you . By establishing a friendly or romantic relationship, new options will be unlocked with which you can interact, such as the following:

  • Friendly interactions that bring fame
  • Reveal intimate secret.
  • Become best friends.
  • Embrace.

Romantic interactions that get famous

  • Caress cheeks.
  • Throw a kiss.
  • Serenade.
  • Profess eternal love.
  • Be boyfriends.
  • Propose marriage.
  • Marry…

Each of these interactions usually have a "(+ fame)" at the end of the sentence, and this is how you know when an action can give fame points, regardless of whether it is when communicating with celebrities or doing other types of things that do not require of the social sphere.

How to go to a celebrity party in The Sims 4: Get Famous !?

Another advantage of meeting celebrities is that you can attend exclusive parties where other celebrities go, so you can establish more connections with the world of celebrities. To do this, you first have to become a friend or acquaintance with a mid-range celebrity . With that, it is very possible that the famous person invites you to a party directly, and if he does not, you can ask him if he can invite you to an important event by interacting in Friendly with him.

When you are invited to the social event, be sure to accept it. Unlike other parties, in this one you cannot accompany the character , so you have to wait a while when he goes to the place until he returns. This will increase your friendship with the celebrity, and maybe introduce you to other famous people as well.

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