How to make a boat in Minecraft


How to make a boat in Minecraft

If you usually embark on all kinds of adventures there is something that you have to craft yes or yes, a boat. If you have a boat the rivers and oceans will not be a problem , you can navigate calmly while you continue exploring the world. Of course, you cannot navigate a boat on lava.

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When making a boat it may seem like something very complicated that requires a lot of materials, but it is not like that. In addition, the material you need is easy to find and there are in abundance. At no time will you have to go to the other end of the map to look for it. Well, let's see what you need to craft a boat.

How to make a boat

If you want to sail the seas in Minecraft, first you have to get five wooden blocks to make a boat. So first of all, ax in hand, go cut down a few trees. By cutting down trees you get logs that then have to be combined to obtain blocks. By the way, to make a boat you can use any type of wood.

To make a boat you can use any type of wood

When you have four wooden blocks you have to go to the work table. Place the blocks as you can see in the screenshot to craft a boat. To put the boat on the water is done in the same way as if you were placing a block.

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