How to make bread in Minecraft


How to make bread in Minecraft

Minecraft is much more than building things, you can also live all kinds of adventures, either alone or with friends . That said, there is a hunger bar in Mojang's game that you can't lose sight of for a second. The level of the bar will less confirm you carry out certain actions. For example, when you run the hunger bar goes down.

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To fill up the level of the hunger bar you just have to eat any type of food . Now, there are some foods that can poison you, like raw chicken. Among the least harmful foods is bread. This food regenerates part of the hunger bar and is very easy to obtain. Not sure how to make bread? Next, I will explain the process step by step.

How to make bread

Making bread is very easy and requires three pieces of wheat . To get wheat you just have to sow the seeds that you get by destroying the grass you see. After some time, wheat will grow –8 stages–. Once you have the necessary pieces of wheat you can go through the work table. Yes, you read that right, I said work table. You don't need an oven.

To make bread you only need wheat

Once on the work table you have to put the three pieces of wheat to get a bread. If you have wheat to spare you can always use it for pigs, cows and other animals . You can also make a hay bale out of nine pieces of wheat.

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