How to make a compass in Minecraft


How to make a compass in Minecraft

Before going out to explore the world there are several essential things that you always have to carry with you, two of them being a map and a compass. Making a map is quite easy, we have a guide explaining how to get the materials and craft it . As for the compass, we could say that when it comes to manufacturing the difficulty is more or less the same.

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There is one thing to keep in mind if you plan to make a compass. It only marks the last spawn point . It's something. At least it offers some information that can be useful if you want to orient yourself. By the way, in certain areas like the Nether it doesn't work properly. This is something very important. With that said, let's see what you need and how to craft a compass.

How to make a compass

First of all and most important, you have to get the materials. You need four Iron Ingots and a Redstone Dust . To obtain ingots. Redstone dust is obtained by putting a Redstone ore plus any type of fuel in the furnace. To do this, you first have to explore mines, caves and underground in search of Redstone ores.

Having a compass is very useful if you like to explore

When you have four iron ingots and a Redstone powder you simply have to put both on the workbench to craft a compass. It's over! As you can see it is very easy. The thing that takes more work is getting the Redstone ores.

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